Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet my new baby girl.

DH gave me this camera as a gift last Christmas (2010) because I was set on learning about photography. Not that I want to change careers and become a photographer, not at all. I'm too shy of a person for all that. I just wanted to upgrade my camera and take better pictures as I was inspired by my fabulous wedding photographer Julia Azcona and by a sweet couple with a family business in Allentown that does awesome work.

With the wedding plans, school, work, home, and everything in the in-between I had no chance to take out my baby girl for a walk in the park or even our backyard until just recently. 2 weeks before leaving to the Dominican Republic I took a photography course at our local Dans Camera. It was a beginners course so I didn't get much out of it because everything that the instructor said I had already learned through my other instructor Google :). But hey, repetition is the KEY right.

Still, in DR I was clueless to what I was doing. Luckily I had brought my point-and-shoot with me. I'm not letting her go just because. No no no. She's still my clubbing buddy and my answer to the question "who has a camera?" when we go out to random places. She's just so convenient.

Then almost two weeks ago I went to instructor Google again and got some great tips on Aperture and Shutter Speed. Right after work I headed home took out my baby and started shooting away until I got a few images I was happy with. Want to see? Ok I'll show you.

Ok. So maybe I got a little bit carried away but I like the way these photos turned out.
What do you think? Not bad at all right?

Like I said before, I'm not trying to change careers but having this skill cannot be harmful. If I can take awesome picture on some family gathering events and of my son, niece, and nephews I'll be a happy camper :). So come on, join me on this new adventure I've taken on and see where it takes me!

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