Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First Earthquake

First of, I'm very mad at myself for not checking in here as often as I would like to. I know as of yet I don't have a big, or little for that matter, population of readers and followers but this blog wasn't designed just for that. It's to Chronicle my life as a married woman and to keep track of my achievements in life. So, my apologies.

Now. Just like it says it on today's title, earlier this afternoon I experienced my first earthquake. It wasn't bad at all but an earthquake indeed. I was sitting with my mom in her kitchen talking and DH (dear husband) was sitting in her living room with our son. Suddenly, we feel like the floor is shaking and my mom says "Ta emblando la tierra", translation: the earth is shaking. Then we just look at each other in disbelief and I turned to DH and then I look at her again and in fact the earth was really shaking. It was such an unusual and creepy feeling.

Within seconds it went from feeling like someone was stomping their feet to actually feeling the ground move underneath my feet. My mom once again said "Ta tembando la tierra" and rushed us all out. I ran to my sisters room to tell her to wake up and then I ran outside. And we saw everyone coming out of their apartments and houses to see what was happening.

A few minutes later it stopped and we went back inside. Me being me and depending on my facebook and twitter accounts to confirm our thoughts logged right on :) and in fact it was an earthquake. Crazy!

"USGS reports earthquake is magnitude 5.8; located 87 miles southwest of Washington DC http://t.co/7k1ePyc" -twitter's breaking news.

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