Monday, September 19, 2011

F. Mayweather vs V. Ortiz

Who watches boxing?

I do, on occasions. I usually see the fights with DH at his dad's or at a friends house if we don't buy it to watch it at home. I've started to familiarize myself with some of the boxers names such as Cotto, Pacquiao, Margarito, Marquez, Mosley, and so on. So when I wake up today and DH tells me that we are going to his cousin's house to watch the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight, in my head I'm thinking "who the heck is Ortiz?" I say ok, that's fine knowing already how the fight will end.

I don't really like boxing that much. I don't like seeing guys fight and get hurt for money. Yes is entertainment and such but in my opinion its all an act, a play, is just fake. Like tonight's fight, that's the perfect example. First of I don't like Mayweather, he's disrespectful, cocky, full of himself, and in my opinion a punk. I admit that talking highly of yourself and your abilities might makes you want to train and thrive to win to not let your fans down but he just goes overboard. Not to mention that he chooses who he wants to fight, only fights once or twice in a range of years, doesn't put on a good fight once he does fight and is always with the same routine, and when he's confronted on the post match interview about his actions in the ring he overlooks the questions and only answers what he wants to answer. It drives me insane!!!!!

Ok so lets not get off topic. Check out this video of tonight's fight. You have to see the video or have to had seen the fight to understand my point.

I get that Ortiz did wrong by using his head, I'm sure it was his adrenaline pumping and the excitement of having Mayweather where he had him but he apologized. And just like the punk that Mayweather is he sucker punched Ortiz while he's apologizing and off guard and while the referee calls a break. What a low ass move in my opinion. He was just mad because Ortiz got him and had the upper hand this round.

So he wins! Seriously????! The referee called a break after what Ortiz did and because Mayweather "knocks Ortiz out" they give him the win. BS I tell you. And I actually thought it was going to be a good fight, even though I knew Mayweather was going to go for points not a fight and win anyways but hey give a kid the challenge and back up all the BS you talk.

Now this is where I get mad and why I think this is all a fake. Ortiz could of gotten up before the count of ten. So why didn't he? Why would the referee count if he had just called a break? He should of taken Mayweather to the side and call a number on his ass. Why did they gave Mayweather the win? And why on earth would Ortiz be chill with his lost? Anybody else would of been flipping because Mayweather got the win after knocking them out "on break".

All of this pisses me off!!! wasting my freaking time and money on a stupid fight like that. It's all fake I tell you. Is all about mula ($). I bet Mayweather if not someone up there pays the opponent to loose on top of his 2.5 Million just for the fight. And Ortiz doesn't care because he got 2.5 mil and then some anyways and is not like he hasn't lost a fight already unlike Mayweather.

What do you think of all of this? Mayweather? And the boxing industry?
Doesn't it just makes you mad how some people abuse the system as they please?

Thanks for letting me vent.

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