Friday, November 4, 2011

So much for Fall weather

This is unbelievable. An earthquake, hurricane, and nasty snowstorm all within months of each other. What is going on mother nature?

Last Thursday I heard the rumors of snow coming our way. But I chose to ignore it since I figured it wouldn't be as bad being that it was only October. Wow was I wrong. In matter of hours after it started to snow trees started falling, power were lost, and my 3 day weekend was ruined.

It's been since Saturday that we have no power. The house has been pitch black and cold. We have no hot water nor a stove to cook. I really didn't expect this "snowstorm" to be that dramatic. And poor hubby has not left his salt water fish tank's side. I feel so bad. Three times the tank lost 25% of its water because the pump wasn't working. So there we are in candlelight drying the floor, mixing more salt water, and adding it to the tank. The fishes got so stressed that the Nemos where at top floating sideways gasping for air, his anemone where shrinking, his bright yellow fox face fish lost some of it pretty color, his corals where falling apart, nothing looked good at all. And poor hubby did not loose faith. He even left his car turned on all day with an extension cord running from his car to the tank to have the pump running until the neighbor came by and offered to let him run the extension cord from his generator later that night. That's one of the reason why I love him so much. Because he's so dedicated to his animals and is willing to go above and beyond for them. I'm sure it wasn't just because he has invested over 1K in his tank. Seriously. lol ;)

In times like this is when you really learn how to appreciate the smallest things in life. If it's just a nice hot shower or a warm bed. Or even eating Mac & Cheese for dinner. We had some rough couple of nights sleeping in a cold and dark home with extra clothes and extra extra blankets.

When I left to school outside looked so depressing. Trees down everywhere and not a soul in the streets. On my way back the town looked lonely, quiet, dark, and scary. Not even the street lights where on. I was literally scared to be driving home. I was very close in asking DH to take me to work.

I hope it doesn't take until Nov. 3 to get our electricity back like they said and that our town goes back on being like usual. In the meantime Thank God for family, still having water even if it's cold, having a grill (where we've cooked all our meals), being alive and healthy, and for awesome neighbors.

What have you learned to appreciate more lately?

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