Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whose mouth is cleaner...

A human or a dog?

This is a project that we are working on in my microbiology class.

Earlier in the semester out professor told us we needed to work on a project that involved collecting cultures and testing it. 3 other classmates and myself got together one Friday night and after a tasty meal and a bottle of wine later we got to thinking. Probably not the best combination lol. But alas we came up with a thesis and a one page paper stating what we were planning on experimenting and why.

We basically said that because humans have more bacteria in the oral cavity than dogs that dogs had cleaner mouths.

Well that's not quite true.

Several weeks later we swabbed a dogs mouth and we grew the bacteria just to find out that a dog had way way way more bacteria than a human. Which it makes sense. I mean do you own a dog? Have you noticed the places your dog puts his mouth on?

Yea well I think the wine got to us and the words in our thesis got switched around.

In a human's mouth I counted 92 different types of bacteria. Eewww! In the dog's mouth, well that was just impossible to count. There was way to many. This Thursday we are going to pick two bacteria of each and run some tests on them. I'll keep you posted on our findings but for now take a look at these pictures.

Are you sure you want to let your dog kiss/lick you or your toddler?

And for the record the dog whose mouth we swabbed gets his teeth brushed occasionally.

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