Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who is ready for Breaking Dawn?

Me me me!!!!!

I'm so ready. I've seen the movies and read the books with the exception of Breaking Dawn which I'm working on as I write. I hope I get to finish it by tomorrow night so that I can join my brother's girl and a few other to the midnight showing otherwise I'll have to wait for the weekend to go.

Even my son is a fan. lol. We took him to watch Eclipse when it came out and he has watched the others at home. When I'm reading the books he sits by me and tells me to read it out loud so that he can hear it. Only problem is he asks a million questions. All that have the word "why" in it and it takes me twice as long to read through the chapters but I have to admit I love the bonding time :)

So I'm debating if to take him to watch this one as well. If I do it'll obviously have to be during the weekend. But would I look like a horrible mom taking a 5 years old to watch this??? I mean my son knows a lot and he will sits quietly, maybe with a few questions, through the movie. He'll understand most of it and he knows the story line. Plus he is so into werewolves and vampires lol.

Either way I'm so looking forward to finishing this book no later than Friday so that I can enjoy the movie even more :)

Are you a fan???

Happy Hump Day!!!

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