Tuesday, December 13, 2011

School's Out!!!!

December 13 took forever to come. WOW!

But boy am I glad school is finally over.
At least for the semester it is. Why is it that it always seems to get harder towards the end? I don't get it. I loved my classes at the beginning of this semester. I took Microbiology and Statistics. Micro is just so interesting. And I love how the professor teaches it. She's awesome in lecture but the meanest professor ever in lab. I have to admit that although lab was also interesting I got nothing out of it. We did some fun experiments yes but I just wasn't into it. I was more into the lectures. Learning about the types of viruses and bacteria and why they are good or bad. How they harm us or help us. It was all mind-blowing. I'm definitively keeping that book lol.

My Statistic class in the other hand was HELL! I don't know my final grade but it better be at least a C. I will settle with a C and never look back again as long as I don't have to repeat it. I will probably never need it in life and if I do then I'm screw because I seriously got nothing out of it. Well hopefully I got a C :).

So. Here's to a great start to my winter break. Let the holidays be joyful and wonderful, let the weather behave, and let the break take its time before the spring semester decides to come.

Happy Holidays Y'all!

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