Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

A lot of fun things have happened the past several days. Let's recap shall we.

First of let me just say:

Hello there December. Is nice to have you around for awhile. I've missed you but you just got here and you're already leaving me broke.

On Friday one of my friends had a party for her husband's birthday. Unfortunately for me I had to work and couldn't make it. DH went by with our son and stayed awhile. My friend sent me delicious Ecuadorian food that her mom made and a piece Tres Leche cake, my favorite kind of cake :)

Saturday after I got home from work I took a 3 hour nap then I got up and got ready to meet a dear friend from a VIP board that I'm a part of. We've met once before while we were both still on the planning process of our wedding but this was the first time we saw each other after both weddings. It was nice seeing her again and talking about anything and everything. We had lunch at a Thai restaurant in Landsdale, PA and it was delicious. :) We ended up ordering a plate to go for the husbands. Here we are right before we said our goodbyes.

Later that night Steven and I went to his fathers house to watch the boxing fight. It was Cotto (Puertorican) vs Margarito (Mexican) and it was a rematch. The first time around Margarito had cheated by wearing "plaster-like" substances under his boxing gloves. I saw that fight in 2008 and it broke my heart to see Cotto take such beating. He ended up giving up towards the end because as he put it "he felt like he was getting hit with cement". His face was all messed up. But he put up a great fight and made it to the 11th round. Margarito got caught cheating in his fight with Mosley where they checked his gloves and allowed him to fight since he got caught within minutes of the fight starting. Mosley gave him a beating obviously because he had to go out there on his own without his "gauze" like he says it was. BS!

This rematch was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! Cotto won of course. Margarito's doctor stopped the fight because Margarito lost sight from one eye (the same eye that Pacquiao punched out of it's socket during their fight in Texas) and he was worried that if he would let the fight continue Margarito was going to have health issues from it. This fight was better than I expected. They both put up a great fight there's no doubt about it but Cotto rocked Margarito jajaja. Just take a look for yourself.

*A video in YouTube have not been posted yet. When it does I will be adding it right here.*

Sunday, today, my son lost his first tooth. I knew it was going to happen any given day because that tooth was super loose. That was the first tooth that came out too as a baby. Ohh where is the time going?! He also has 3 more that are about to fall out soon. Maybe his dentist will just take them out on his next appointment in two weeks. Just look at him missing a tooth and still handsome lol.

After church we all headed to a Peruvian restaurant that we frequent and had dinner there. As expected food was delicious :) then it was time for some cleaning and wine drinking ;) what a weekend.

Happy Sunday!

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