Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello there sexy

Last Saturday the hubs and I decided to close our eyes and take the plunge for the iPhone 4s. We've been truthful to our iPhones since the first generation and every year they upgraded so did we. What can I say they're addicting. Especially those darn apps! lol

We were a little iffy about getting the iPhone 4s at first because I keep thinking that iPhone 5 will be here before we know it and we won't be able to upgrade to it since we just got the 4s. However, after all the raving about the 4s and all the new features like the improved camera and Siri I was won over. Even the apps have improved and the screen is just awesome! Everything is perfect :) now I just pray and hope that they wait a little while longer to bring out the next generation. If they bring it too early I will not be a happy camper.

Now as for apps Steven calls me the apps hoarder lol. I had so many apps it was ridiculous. So I sat down and went over all of my apps and started deleting the ones I'd never used and the ones i haven't used in a while. Sometimes I just get them because they look interesting and I can see how I can apply them to my everyday life but it never really works out and they end up talking up space.

Here are some of my favorite apps.

Do you own an iPhone? What is you favorite thing about the iPhone? What are you favorite apps?

Good Night!


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