Monday, February 22, 2016

Frugal Kitchen Reno: The Beginning

From the very first day we stepped foot in this home I disliked this kitchen. The black cabinets, old stove and fridge, DIY nook in the kitchen, light fixture, and more than anything that white squares counter/backsplash. I couldn't stand it!!! Although after much hate I did learn to like it and make use of it as my background for food photos :) still, there was something about it I didn't like.

It wasn't what I envisioned for my dream kitchen. However, one thing I can admit to is that our kitchen is big. Bigger than anyone's we know, there's definitely space to work with.

Four years later after I finally got used to it hubby tells me that his mom wants to sell us her current home and that he really wants to buy it. I wasn't too pleased with the idea because as much as I love the location of her home and how much she had done to it I didnt like her kitchen. It's about a quarter of our kitchen now. How could we go from a five bedroom and huge kitchen to a three bedroom with a small kitchen :-/. Her lower level did make up for it though with two additional bedrooms, extra kitchen, full bathroom, and living room. It didn't take long before I startef envisioning all the possibilities that her home had and how I could make it our own by doing some simple changes like adding a barn door to the big closet area in the living room. My visions were short lived when hubby tells me, two weeks later, that she decided not to sell. What the freak! 

I was very disappointed to say the least. Finally I stopped dwelling on it and after a talk with the hubby about what we expected to do and accomplish within the next two years we decided to do some upgrades to this house, beginning with the kitchen. Now we all know that kitchen reno are not cheap. In cabinets along you can spend up to $10,000 if not more and that was not an amount we were willing to pay considering we would only stick around another two years or so. I started to do some research and comparing on the different kinds of kitchens reno. 

I came across several upgrades using ikea products. "Ummm I thought. That just might work". I looked more into it reading reviews and blogs from actual contractors that have done ikea kitchens and found some good stuff. It was all a matter of comparing prices and seeing if they carried something we liked that was not in white. Definitely not in white! 

I mean look at these kitchens! Not bad right?

I wouldn't know the first thing about taking down cabinets or installing them so I went to the person who knows best, step FIL. I asked him to come by because I wanted his opinion on some projects I wanted to do. We got to talking and we told him about our plans and he was all for it except that he wasn't too convinced about using ikea products. For starters the nearest ikea was an hour away, if anything was to go wrong he'd have to stop the Reno and take a drive there. And secondly he had never installed ikea cabinets and he wasn't too sure about it either. He did some research of his own and told us that he worked out a quote using Home Depot Hampton Bay cabinets. We met over at the Home Depot and checked them out and to our surprise they looked really nice. He had done a kitchen a while back using this brand line and it looked great. I wasn't too sure on the light color of the ones he showed us but after noticing the different shades available I was sold and so was the hubby. 

A week later, today, I met up with step FIL at Home Depot to purchase the cabinets. We went with the Hampton Bay Cognac. I can't believe we're actually going through with this, we always say we want to do/fix something around the house and a year or longer goes by before we actually do it. :)

It supposedly takes 3 weeks for the cabinets to come in but rumor has it that it only takes about ten days so step FIL asked me to clear out the kitchen so that he can start removing the cabinets, fixing the wall and doing some electrical changes, etc that needs to be done before installing the cabinets. We're also changing the floor tiles and backsplash, getting granite counters, adding a microwave stand on top of the stove, making room for a dishwasher (yaayyy!), changing the location of the sink and making it s corner sink, and most exciting thing yet we're adding an island!!!! Our Kitcken is so big and for 4 years I've had trouble utilizing all that space and now I'm finally going to have more counter and storage space, a place for the kids to eat breakfast/snack/do homework, and a better layout.  

I'm really excited to get this project started and get all the boring stuff over and done with. I want to see it finished already. I'm so impatient I know but I'm just sooo excited! I emptied all the current cabinet and it all feels so empty. It's actually bittersweet knowing that by the end of this week everything in there will be gone, gone for good. 

Stay tuned for more on our frugal kitchen Reno and the total cost of it all ;) 

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