Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Grow Old With Me...


The best is yet to be.

It's been 6 years now that we've been on this journey we call our married life. And with each passing year I'm reminded that this journey will probably never reach a destination because in some way or another we continue to grow and evolve into different yet better versions of ourselves. We continue to grow, we continue to mature, and we continue to love and appreciate even more the little things we have done that has made us fall in love. 

It has not been a walk down the park, but if I'd had the opportunity to do it again I'd still chose you and I'd still love only you. 

This year feels different however. I don't know what it is, maybe it was the first 6 years of bad luck and the curse finally broke. For the first time since our wedding I feel that we are finally on the same page. We are able to communicate effectively and fight fair, well most times anyways.

I love that I have finally realized that there's more to a marriage then being married, having kids, and owning a house. Being married is like Anne Taylor Fleming says "two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time". Being married is learning to accept and still love each other as we evolve into mature and even more unique individuals. Just because you reach adulthood doesn't mean you stop maturing, rather you continue to change your train of thought and the way you view life. Is not that your personality changes, more so your priorities and that's an adjustment your other half have to learn to accept.

Marriage involves going through many phases. The dating and honeymoon phase, child rearing years, buying or building a house (which I hear is one of the most difficult), career changes, children moving out, reconnecting, health problems, major life changes/crisis, the list goes on. And lets not get started on the in-between. But when you surpass all that that's when you know the love is real and long lasting.

I look forward to sitting on the sand at the beach at 80 years old as we talk about the awful years and the awesome years in our marriage. I want to tell our children, grandchildren, and great-greatchildren a love story worth telling. I want to break the cycle of divorce and multiple re-marriages. I want to prove that it is worth staying married through the not so good years because that's were a successful marriage derives from.

Happy late anniversary love of my life, may God grant us with many years of real love, peace, health, and happiness.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Half Way


Half way through my 30th year of life I also find myself being half way through nursing school. Those who know about my school journey know that it has been a very long one. Ten years to be exact.

WOW!  Ten years!

Crazy I know. I can't even believe it. Actually I have mixed feeling about that.

Growing up I always dreamed of going to college but I was never sure what I wanted to study. Criminal law was always an option but I made it through one month of college back in 2005 and then thought "this is not for me". I find it both frustrating and satisfying the road my life took from there. Some days I wish that I would have gone to college and would have graduated within the 2-4 years mark, but then I think well maybe I wouldn't have been in the nursing field. It took years for me to realize how passionate I was about it and here I am ten years later half way through nursing school. 

It hasn't been nothing easy. Nursing school is no joke. I'm always broke because I can't work too much. I spend most of the hours in my day either in lecture or studying for an exam. I yell at my kids more often then I'd like to admit. I'm stressed more often then not. I'm constantly eating, better yet eating junk. I've have developed crazy testing anxiety. My marriage have felt like a roller-coaster. I depend on my mom to pick up so much of my slack. I don't get enough sleep and I'm definitely addicted to coffee by now. And as of recent I have developed chronic headaches. 

On the plus side of that I have learned so much! 

Last week we had our recognition/half way mark ceremony and it felt so good. I am so proud of my self and the example I am giving my boys. I couldn't have made it this far without the support of my family, lots of praying, and the new friendships I've made.

I know we still have several months for the year to be over but I am so ready for 2018 to get here. It is going to be an amazing year!

"If you haven't thought of quitting, your dreams are not big enough."

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Note to self


•Prayers are always answered. Some prayers are answered faster than others. Some are answered through scripture, a person, an object, or a situation. But prayers are always answered so don't give up on praying. 

•Family is the only person who will truly ever have your back. By family I mean siblings (and your parents). You may fight, get on each other's nerves, take each other for granted, judge each other and even be jealous of one another, but at the end of the day family is who will have your back and also back you up. So love them unconditionally. 

•True love is not living a fairytale where everything is perfect and revolves around you. True love is trying your very best every single day, putting your partners needs before your own, fighting and making up before the sun goes down, having disagreements but choosing to make whatever decision makes your partner happy, taking responsibility for your actions and asking for forgiveness, forgiving from the heart, and trying not to strangle your partner while they sleep because you can't imagine a life without them. 

•Motherhood is the most amazing and rewarding yet frustrating experience of a lifetime! 

•Friends. Well, a good friendship comes once every hundredth year. Don't waste your time trying to have a relationship with someone who's intensions are not the same as you.