Thursday, August 9, 2012

Espaguetis Dominicano (Spaghetti)

This has been my favorite meal to eat during this pregnancy. I remember eating it as a child and loving it. In fact I remember making this as one of my very first meals at the age of 7. Yes 7 years old. I also remember being hungry and boiling the spaghetti, draining it, then adding margarine, mixing it around and voila dinner was served :).

For a few years now I haven't really had it at all. I guess I had enough of it. It was like "ugh espaguetis again?!" I don't know if it was the oil (because this can get kind of oily), the onions, or what but one day I decided I didn't like it anymore. Until baby #2 entered my body, then all I wanted was espaguetis. I called my mom to ask her to make it for me and it taste just like I remember. A week later I called her again to ask her to talk me through how she makes it and I've had it at least 3x a month for the last four months since then. It might not be the healthiest meal but right now it is my favorite ;)

We eat this with (are you ready for this? I think you should sit down lol. No seriously if you're reading this while walking I suggest you sit) Rice! White rice. White rice with beans. Rice mixed with beans or gandules. My hubby and everyone else I serve this to thinks Dominicans are crazy for having so much carbs in one plate. What can I say, that's how the adults made sure we stayed full longer hahaha. Just kidding, I don't know the reason behind it all I know is that that's the way it is. And I'm not complaining. Yet.

So here's the recipe all thanks to my awesome mother.

~1lb Spaghetti
~1 garlic crushed
~1 tsp of salt
~1 tsp of olive oil

~Dominican Salami cut in squares or triangles (you can add as much or as little as you want of this)
~1 tbs of olive oil
~1/2 of a green pepper sliced or cubed
~1 small onion sliced finely
~2-3 garlic crushed with salt
~1/2 tsp salt for the garlic
~1 chicken bouillon (sopita maggie)
~1 can of tomato sauce (you may use spaghetti sauce as well but I like the regular tomato sauce better)
~ green olives (I don't measure this, I usually just add 5-6 whole olives)
~1/2 tsp vinegar

1. Put water to boil with salt, oil, and crushed garlic.
2. Cook the spaghetti until slightly soft, drain, and put aside

*while this is being done you can get started on the rest*

3. In a large sauce pan heat a tablespoon of oil over medium heat.
4. Cook the salami until it browns stirring often so that it doesn't stick to the pan.
5. Add the onions, peppers, mashed garlic, olives, vinegar, and chicken boulion and cook and stir for about a minute.
6. Add the tomato sauce and stir. Let it simmer for a few of minutes.
7. Add the spaghetti and mix well.
8. Simmer over low heat for a minute stirring often.
9. Serve by itself, with rice, fried plantains, salad, etc the options are endless.
10. Enjoy!

***1lb of spaghetti makes A Lot! I always have leftover for the next day. 1/2 lb would be perfect for a family of 3-4.

I hope you like this as much as I do.



  1. i have been dying to eat this my name is jessica !!! thanks for this post because i wasnt sure how to make it and i love thiss!!! GBU !!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jessica. I'm glad I was able to help :)

  2. Hi Pamela! I was searching the internet for this recipe and stumbled across your blog. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I am currently eating this (leftovers from Dominican restaurant) and thought to myself "I have to make this at home!!" Nice blog. You have a beautiful family.

  3. Hi Pamela, I live in south Florida and I usually buy this delicious food at bravos supermarket, but when I went to live in Bronx NY for 2 months that first thing I asked my best friend neighbor was can you teach me how to do those delicious spaghetti a lo dominicano. I'm bolivian and we cook the spaghetti differently , and I must say those 2 months I lived in the Bronx I completely fall inlove with Dominican food, I want to learn how to chicharon I can't find it anywhere even hee in south Florida it doesn't taste the same as how they do it in the Bronx :). Muchos saludos scarleth


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