Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meditating/Guided Imaginary

Lately I've been pretty stressed. Overwhelmed actually with all my random thoughts. I can't help it I'm a worrier and if that isn't bad enough I have no patience.

I've noticed that I can't stop thinking about returning to school this fall semester (which by the way started this week) while in the second/third trimester and working full time nights. Just thinking about it makes my heart race. I mean is not impossible I am sure but definitely a stress factor. Especially when you add cooking, cleaning, studying, and the joys of planning a baby shower and decorating a nursery. Oh and let's not forget a first grader. ***pulls hair*** doesn't it overwhelm you just reading it?

Well it's a lot for me. And if I've lost weight not including those factors in the first trimester just imagine what I'll look like in my second and third. All I want is a healthy baby and possibly a problem free pregnancy. I'm certain that it won't be stress free but hey a gal can dream can't she? :)

As I read one of my pregnancy app daily info (baby bump I believe) I saw that meditation is a great way to relax the body and mind. As well as create a unique bond between mommy and baby, lower blood pressure, and furthermore help during labor, which I really want to go all natural this time around so this will be beneficial towards the end I think. The guided imaginary aspect is to help me sleep better since I really believe that's one of my current problems and stress enhancer.

So I started my research. Of course first place is first. I went to google and started reading link after link that appeared. I will be asking my doctor about it later next month for my 5 months check up as well.

Most link basically said the same thing.

1. Pick a location and time frame between 5-20 minutes where you can either sit or lay comfortably and that is quiet.

2. Sit with your back straight and with your hands on your legs. Relax your muscles. Breathe. Start off with a few deep breaths then slow them down concentrating on the movement of your belly as you inhale and exhale.

3. Stay focus. You can do this by imagining the process of inhaling and exhaling oxygen in and out of your system. From nostrils to lungs.

4. Repeat. Try this for 5-20 minutes to enjoy the benefits. If you've never done this before start with shorter times increasing with each passing day/week.

The more you mediate the easier it'll became and the better you'll feel.

I'm sure that it is not as easy as it seem and it will take a while to really focus and maintain a clear mind
However the concentrating in the belly movements is "suppose to" keep you focus on meditating and not thinking about a million other things. With time you will become better at this and that's why your labor should go smoothly. Because you will be able to block out the pain, maybe, and put all your focus on breathing and staying calm.

Will this work? I have no idea. Will I try it? Why not. I have nothing to lose.

As for the guided imaginary that's basically when you either sit or lay down and start imagining yourself in a peaceful place while focusing in all the small details such as smell, weather, water temperature, any breeze, and so on. It will eventually relax your mind and out you go to sleep like a baby. Boy am I excited for this one. :)

Any mothers or expectant mothers out there. Was there anything you tried to release some stress and stay calm? Did you try meditating? How did that work for you?


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