Saturday, July 27, 2013

Restoring My Marriage


Is no secret that the hubby and I have had a rough beginning to our marriage. It's also no secret that we have pull through. I'm not going to lie. It has taken  Some arguing. Alot of tears (from my part that is). And putting pride to the side. A marriage requires a lot of work and love to maintain. Especially after a rough beginning. But if love is real and genuine there's always a happy ending. 

At first I was embarrassed to talk about my issues in my marriage but I see this as a learning experience and possibly even my testimony. I have learned so much and I've decided that it is only fitting that I talk more about how my marriage is being restore. Not only will I be able to look back at this journey and take pride in what we've accomplished together and how we accomplished it. I also hope that it will also help other women and couples out there. Just because the road is bumpy doesn't mind you have to stop driving. 

I love my husband with all my heart and I cannot imagine living my life with anyone else or growing old with anyone else besides him. He has given me the best years of my life. As well as my two precious sons.  He is such a hard worker and knows how to care and provide for his family. I have no doubt that we are meant to be. That we are soul mates. So what that we've had some rough patches. I'm sure were not the only ones. How many can say they made it pass the finish line? We can! And that's nothing to be ashame of, rather that's something to be proud of :) 

I'm starting to think that this phase of my life is God giving me the opportunity to set my priorities straight and focus on my marriage and family. I had too much going on to give it 100% and I feel this is the way of God telling me that things are now going to be done his way and I accept. I'm ready lord. Let your will be done. 

I have to admit though that I'm a little sad to be putting my education on hold. I thought that in a few years I would have my degree and would be able to shop more help the hubby around the house etc. I guess I should be thankful and feel blessed that my husband's job can support us all. Not many can say that or have the opportunity to do so and I should be taking this opportunity to help him in other ways and really try my hand at what would be SAHM & Wife since the times I'm not home is when they're all sleeping. 


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