Tuesday, July 30, 2013

52 WOBWAP: 10 things I can't live without

In no specific order these are the top 10 things in life that makes my life complete. 

My Mother ~ I was your typical teenager. Everyone was against me and my mother just didn't understand me. She just wanted to ruin my life and thought I was her maid lol. Thinking back now I couldn't have been more wrong. This lady has got to be the most important person in my life. After becoming a mother myself that's when I realized how strong was my mothers love for me. She's an amazing woman, and although a bit on the old fashion side, I wouldn't trade her for the world. Even if we still don't see eye to eye on some things. I dread the day I'll have to say goodbye to her which hopefully will be many many years from now. She's more than my rock. She's my backbone. Every year that passes I convince myself more and more that I wouldn't know what to do without this lady in my life. I love you Mami!

My Husband ~ my love. My other half. My growing old partner in life. His presence in my life has made many changes from the very beginning. I've learned so much from him and from us. I look forward to the life that we are making together, mistakes and all. 

My Boys ~ God could not have granted me a greater gift than that of motherhood. It has been a sweet sweet journey. I never imagined that being responsible for another human being's life would be so challenging and yet so exciting and inspiring at the same time. I love these boys more then life itself and being given the opportunity to call them, them specifically, my sons is beyond amazing. 


Seasons ~ Oh quarterly seasons. You couldn't be more beautiful. As much As I love the beach and warm weather I honestly don't think I could live in a state that's only summer all year round. I love the fall and spring with all that it brings. The changing leaves, outfit change, the food, and activities to do. Oh there's just so many. Even winter I don't mind much. Is my least favorite but when that white soft, fluffy snow is falling on Christmas Eve you really can't ask for anything better. 

Camera ~ I love taking pictures. Now, I don't know if I prefer to be in front or behind the lens. is it just me?  ;). I seriously do need to start using my Nikon more for pictures though, I kind of have it neglected. it's just so bulky compare to my lightweight iPhone. Either way, is no lie that a picture is worth a thousand words and that behind every picture lies a story so a camera is right up there with what I need in life.

Making Memories ~ One of my top priority in life. I live for this. Whether is a nice vacation or as simple as a new meal I love documenting it all. One of my favorite things in life is looking back though old pictures or letters even more videos. Watching my kids growth and even my very own. It's all priceless, nothing can compare. 

The Bible & Prayer ~this is my to go to in my time of need, joy, frustration, happiness, you name it. Nothing can make me feel complete like this can. Knowing that I can spill my guts out and not be judge on top of being loved unconditionally even after my sins is the greatest feeling in the world. 

Music ~ my stress reliever. I can listen to any type of music. In English or Spanish. Or Syrian for that matter. If it has a beat that can make me bounce I'm all for it jajaja. But more so are the lyrics. I feel that there are some songs out there that were simply meant for you as an individual. It can easily just describe a point in your life that you recently dealt with or are dealing with and it somehow makes
you feel better. While other songs are just so uplifting and/or romantic. Those are my faves.

(They might be weird but I love them lol)

Family ~ I love my family, including my hubby's family too. Spending time together, catching up, making memories, laughing, dancing, eating, and simply enjoying life. Both families are so different from each other. But that's the beauty of it all, I get to be a part of them both :) 

Friends ~ I have a handful of friends. Ok maybe two handful. They're all spread all over the United States and just a few are within driving distance yet it's like if we are a continent apart. Adult life does that to you you know. We hardly see each other or even talk on the phone. I can honestly say that there are 2 girlfriends I have that I talk to on a daily basis. And even with that there are times we go weeks without a single phone or text conversation. The horror! Yet when we talk again we pick up right where we left off. There's no better friendship than those. I also have my knottie friends which I met "online" while planning our wedding. Those friends I do talk to more on a daily basis, online. Usually via Facebook. There's 14 of them and I've prob met half IRL. But its like if I've known them my entire life. I don't think I can never let go of their friendship. Friends like them are hard to find. For sure!

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