Saturday, September 21, 2013

52 WOBWAP: High school back then


This was me. In 11th grade. Ooh high school, how much do I not miss you. Or maybe I do. Do I?

You see. I wasn't that known in high school. Does that mean I wasn't popular? Yup! That's exactly what it means. I like to think it was because of my shyness. I wasn't the type to just walk-in in a classroom and start making friends. I was the one that would walk in, grab a seat (in the back because I didn't want to be noticed or the front because I enjoyed the class) and mind my business. Hahaha now that I think of it what was I thinking? I hope my children are not like that at all. 

My freshman year I had my BFF since the 5th grade to hang around with. So I didn't care much about anyone else. I'd even say most of the friendships I made that year were because of her. That was a fun year. The best out of the four. 

Then boyfriends happened. We drifted apart. I got lonely and joined Votech and never looked back. I was in my home school half a day and in Votech the other half. This is we're I made the friendship I still have to this day. In cosmetology to be exact. That's we're my next three years were spent. And I loved every bit of it. Except that I wish I would of went into the health field back then instead of hair because honestly I didn't do nothing with that. Although, I did learn how to cut, color, and perm ;) 

Anyway. It wasn't until my senior year, four months before graduation, when I met my husband and realized that I should of had stay full time. I should of had taken advantage of those four years like I should have. The dances. The pep rallies. The games. The after school activities. The friendships that could of been formed but didn't. 

My hubby was everything I wasn't. So much so that the first few sentences we spoke he asked if I was new to the school because he had never seen me around. That tells you enough don't you think? Shame on him. Shame on me. Sometimes I think of how different could those years have been if I would have stayed. Now I will never know. I do however love how it turned out. And I guess is what really matters after all no. 

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Now lets see. What else do I remember of those sweet years. Oh yes. The free texting. From my little Nokia cell. 

Oooo how about the little snake game. Does anyone remember it? What was the name?

The teenage dance clubs. Oh did my cousins and I take advantage of that hahaha. Did you ever go clubbing at 15? To be fair no alcohol was served, our parents would drop us off and pick us up... Most times. 

Getting my first job at 15 at Taco Bell. Great great times there. 

Getting my license at 16! Oh yeah. I was cool alright lol 

Throwing house parties and kicking my mom out (she never would leave tho. She would hang out upstairs and check up on us from time to time). 

Skipping school. I use to freak out! Always worried we would get caught. And we did. Who skips school and goes back home to hide? This lady right here. 

Leaving lunch to go out to Wendy's and Subway. Those were the good ol' days. 

So many memories. So many different faces. So many firsts.


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