Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Day In The Life ~ Summer 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Steven: 28 years old 
Pamela: 28 years old
Steven Jr: 9 years old
Adrian: 2.5 years old 
King: 3 years old

3(ish)am~ I open my eyes briefly and see the hubby sneaking out of the room. I only catch his back but I see him all dressed so I'm sure he's not coming back in. I don't know how he does it. Getting up at all hours of the night or rather morning to go to work. He's had a busy week and is only Wednesday. At least is hump day ;) We're almost near the end of the week. I turn back around and close my eyes. Doesn't take long before I'm fast as sleep.

IMG_3419_2 IMG_3421_2

6:18 I wake up and see the sun shining through the window. I look to my right to notice Steven cuddled up next to me. This child, it never gets old, always sneaking in our room to get in bed with us. Did I ever mention that he slept with us till he was 5 years old, talk about co-sleeping. I think the big turning point was my pregnancy with AJ. Since he was such a bad sleeper and still is he had no choice but to start sleeping in his own room on his own bed.


I grab my phone and see that the hubby called twice not that long ago. I had put my phone on vibrate last night and didn't hear it this morning. I wondered what he called for. He never calls me that early when I don't work. Something must had happened. I call him and he answers a bit upset. He tells me that he couldn't make phone calls this morning. And he had to pay the cell phone bill. Half asleep I try to explain to him that I had already paid the bill, the new bill is not due till a couple more weeks. He was confused and pissed. I told him I'll look into it later and he says ok and hangs up. I look at the time again. The first alarm is set for 630am. I should really wake up now to start getting ready for the day. I have a lot to do this morning and I want to record a DiTL. But instead I lay in bed waiting for the alarm to go off. 

6:30- the alarm goes off and I press snooze. This continues until the next alarm and then finally till 730 when I begin to give thanks for yet another day. 

7:40 I should really get out of bed now I think to myself. I have to get ready and get the boys ready. I'll need to put on my contacts and that will take away from the little time I have left to leave the house. I wake up Steven and tell him to get ready then I head to the bathroom to wash up. This is an everyday thing in our lives. I never wake up when I should and then I'm rushing out. I can't explain it, I work best under pressure I guess but that needs to stop. Someday I'm sure. 

I text grandma Zori to see if her foster kids are going to the swimming program she signed them up for. She signed Steven up too but he won't go without them. I get a call back and she explains that they have a visit with their mom so they won't be going. Steven gets upset. He'll have to go to the boys and girls club now. He likes it there but since we recently signed him up and he doesn't have much friends he doesn't like going. I use to be the same way as a kid. It gave me tummy aches just thinking about going to a place full of kids in which case I knew none of them. I still get like that on occasion but I'm over it for the most part. He proceeds to inform me that he would like McDonalds for breakfast because he has "a lot" of money from his birthday. Fine by me. He asks if I want him to buy me breakfast and I say no. I plan to grab a smoothie to take with and then eat something at my moms later on. As he opens his wallet he realizes that his two fifty dollar bills and his twenty is missing. "Mom! Where's my money?" I'm confuse but I'm quickly reminded that his dad took it out the other night. I tell him this and he says that now he owes him four fifty dollar bills because he took it without asking him. This kid is something else. He's charging his dad double the amount jajaja. I laugh. We talk some more while I finish putting on my eyes and washing my face.



7:48 I head to AJs room. I'm surprise he's not up. He's going on 11 hours of sleep. I love to see his face when he wakes up. He always gives me the sweetest smile. As I try to take a picture of it but I fail because he starts to move right away. Soon after Steven walks into AJs room. I can't make this up. These two love each other so much. This is what happens every morning. They give each other hugs and kisses. Some days Steven goes in alone ad yells out that AJ is awake and asks if he can take him out of the crib. I don't know if that's true every time because by the time I go in to check AJ is already out of the crib. Some days they hug and kiss and others they fight. I never know what to expect with these two.


I check AJs diaper and notice it's dry. Yaayyy. I get him to the potty right away to pee and he is not happy about it. I bribe him with the cartoons on the phone and we're both successful. I try to double bribe him when is time to brush his teeth and he's not having it. Lately he's been in this phase where he wants nothing with the toothbrush. Nothing I say works so I take advantage and work on his hair a bit. Kid's hair is high maintenance for sure. It takes me longer to do his hair than my own hair. Luckily today I'm stopping by the salon so I'll just brush the top of my hair and be on my way. We continue getting him ready and brushing his teeth against his will. I make a mental note to get AJ a belt, his shorts are big around his waist and will fall down just by walking. Is not an easy fight but I win. He manages to get away from me and goes to his brother. A few minutes later I ask him if he wants a pop-tar and he agrees. He's not mad at me anymore. That should hold him till he gets to daycare. In this house most breakfast are on the go. Well technically is not really breakfast. Is just to hold our tummies till breakfast time. Today AJ will have breakfast at daycare and Steven and I at McDonald's. I'm sure I'll be eating out too since it's getting later and I'm not even fully dressed so I'm sure I won't have time to make my smoothie. 

8:20 I look at the weather for the day to decide what to wear. 75 degrees, not bad for shorts. I decide to wear my America shirt from Old Navy since I didn't get to wear it for the 4th being that I was home in pain thanks to my gallbladder. Once I'm all dress up I head downstairs were I hear the boys bickering. I get no chance to apply any make up at all. Not even mascara which is a life saver for me if not I look, well let's say I don't look that pleasing. I check that the dog has fresh water, give AJ his pop-tart, grab my make up bag to go, my purse, keys, and cell. 

8:40 I put on the alarm and out the door we go. I try to make it out by 830am on days I don't work and take AJ to daycare but it rarely happens. Today I feel guilty for taking him to daycare but he had a home day yesterday. If I'd known I would do a DiTL today I would of switched home days. But I wasn't feeling good yesterday anyways so it wouldn't have mattered. Plus today I'll be running around too much and taking both kids to the salon is not ideal. As we approach the car I remember that AJ needed a belt. I can't leave him like that, he'll be pant less just walking. I leave the kids on the porch and run inside. Days like these I wish I would be the one carrying the alarm remote. I bet the hubby doesn't even use it. I run up the stairs and search his miscellaneous drawer. "There's the belt but it looks longer. Where's the smaller one? I bet on other pants in the dirty clothes bin. Whatever this will have to do." I run back down and head out. Now we're ready to get in the car. I snap a couple of pictures of the boys but AJ is too into his pop tart and refuses to look at the camera. Moving on. Oh yes, there's that water bottle I've had in my car for like a week now. I must have told the husband to take it out a dozen time. Sometimes is just better if I go it myself that way it gets done right away. Most days anyways. I take it out and leave it on the porch. I'm sure no one will steal it or add poison to it ;) I'm too trusty. 


8:45 I take our famous car selfie. I told you I look scary without mascara. Even eyeliner could have helped. This hair do is not working either. I really need to get to the salon asap. 

9:00 we make it to the daycare promptly at 9. As I neared the exit I remembered that I left the box of diapers at home. I sure hope they have enough for today if not I'll have to drive back home to get it and morning traffic east bound on the highway or even local is no joke. It'll take me 3x longer than usual just to get home from here. I walk around the car to get AJ out. He's a complete mess. Red jam on his shirt and a sticky and crummy face. Where's my baby bag when I need it. I remember the belt and right there on the side walk I decide to put it on and get frustrated because in fact this belt is too long. Only me I tell you. So unorganized. I tell myself my favorite phrase. It could be worse. 

As we're walking in I run into the mailman. I remember him from my old job and we chat for a few seconds. He compliments AJ and we say thanks. Is always nice seeing him, he's so nice. AJ says good morning to everyone as we walk down the hall to his classroom. When we enter the toddler room I ask the teacher Amanda if he has enough diapers for the day. She checks and says there's three left, just enough for today. Perfect. I don't have to drive back home to grab the diapers box. AJ is holding on to me while the teacher and I continue to chat about his success in potty training. He wants a hug. Then a kiss. Then for me to hold him. I wipe his sticky face and encourage him to go play with his friends after washing those sticky hands. Not working. I ask if he wants to push mommy out and he looks up. I walk toward the door and say give mommy a big push. He does and I close the door behind me. I look in from the top glass on the door and once he walks away to wash his hands I walk down the hall toward the door that goes outside. I notice a mom walking out of the infant room and see her talking off blue shoe covers. I love this place. I never thought I'd say this but this place is worth the monthly fee. They truly take care of our children like it should be. I feel at ease leaving AJ here every day. We're having a great daycare experience thus far. 

9:07 we pull away. And Steven reminds me of breakfast at McDonald's. At the red light I quickly text my friend Zoila to see if she's home. She is traveling to Ecuador for 5 weeks and I want to stop by and wish her safe travels. She texts back and says that she is home so I tell her I'll be there shortly. I call my mom to see if she wants to go with us or if she rather I pick her up after seeing Zoila. She's just getting up herself so she says to pick her up after. 


9:12 we pull on to the McDonalds parking lot and get in the drive thru line. The drive-thru is pretty empty only one car ahead of us. I order a bacon egg and cheese muffin and Steven orders the same but on a biscuit as a meal. I have a coupon for free coffee at wawas from our baseball game last Friday. The game went on over time several innings so they gave out wawas coffee coupons and I sure do love me wawas coffee so we headed there after picking up breakfast.


9:35 we make it to Zoila's house and she's just about to leave to the salon herself with her grandmother so we chat briefly. I wish them safe travels, hug them, and take a few pictures. As much fun as traveling across seas to visit family and go on vacation is I'm always fearful of the worse. I sure hope everything goes smoothly for them and her three kids that are going with them. 

945. When we pull away heading towards my mom Steven asks me where are we going. I explain that we're picking up my mom to stop over Peter's apartment. I tell him that he was in an accident and that he injured his ankle but for whatever reason I couldn't say the right word. I was looking for the word sprain and everything but sprain came out of my mouth until Steven said it himself. Then he tells me "this is why you always need a son, because I have all the words that you need". This child of mine... *sigh* you just gotta love him. Of course that it didn't stop there. The entire ride to my mom he talked about how lucky I was for having him and that he was awesome. 

10:00 I pick up my mom and as I'm waiting in the car I start to write about my DiTL. Plan now is to stop at the bank to deposit a check and go my my brother's place then the salon. 



10:20 we arrive at my brothers place. They're all awake except the baby, she's sound asleep. What a cutie pie, she gives me baby fever but it only lasts about an hour. She woke up shortly after and I took her out of her bouncy seat. I'm cuddling her and loving her. Overwhelming her with pictures for sure. My brother's girl looks upset. I think is because of the car issue. They only had one car with no so good insurance and the car was totaled. Now they're car-less with two kids. She mentions that her parents are giving her one of their cars since they don't use it so she's leaving to take care of all the transfer papers. My brother is staying with both kids. When she leaves my mom makes him soup and start picking things around the apartment to organize, she's always doing that while trying not to offend the house owner. I give the baby a sponge bath and put on new diaper and clothes, feed her and burp her, and then she's fast as sleep. I notice the time and I cannot believe we've been here that long. We need to go. Now! Steven wanted to stay with his uncle but I felt it would be too much for him to stay home in pain with three kids so I told him not this time. As Steven is putting on his shoes my niece goes into "cry me a river" mode because she doesn't want her cousin to leave and of course that my mom volunteers to take her with us. I knew right away it was a bad idea. 



11:50 we leave my brothers place. Finally. We drive to my house to pick up my pills and put a load of laundry. I don't have much to wash but Steven has a baseball game tonight and they had one the night before as well so the uniform needs to be washed as well as hubby's coach shirt. 

12:10 we make it to my house. I go in and out as quickly as I can but somehow I manage to take over 30 minutes. My mom is not happy. 

1:15 I get dropped off at the salon and lend my mom the car to run errands with the kids. She takes Naila and Steven with her to check out some cars she wants to buy. 


2:50 By this time I'm done getting my hair done. I get my hair done by Dominicans and being that my hair is course in texture and curly and I no longer relax it it is a must to do rollers and get under the dryer for 45-60 minutes then use the blow dryer to style it. Sometimes I also have them use the flat iron at the end but not this time. From here we go back home to put the clothes that I left in the washer to dry and to have some lunch. 


3:40 we leave the house to pick up AJ at daycare. I had plans to pick him up by three but things didn't work out that way. I felt horrible for taking him in on a DiTL but honestly I didn't have much planned that would be fun for him or Steven for that matter and I figured that taking him to daycare would be best. There he would at least get to play with his friends and have a normal nap instead of being uncomfortable in the car seat. Plus I'm sure he wouldn't have slept the 3+ hours he normally does. 

3:55 we make it to the daycare, get AJ, and drive back to the east side to check out the cars she saw, buy a few things at BJs, and put gas. 


5:00 we arrive at BJs to do a little bit of shopping. By this time Steven starts to get a little excited. He says "yayyy finally somewhere I won't be bored. This is my favorite place ever". Obviously that is a big fat lie. The reason behind his comment is that here they always give out samples for certain foods and he loves that. He stops at every single sample spot to get a taste and you best believe that he'll have a debate with me on why I should buy that item. Lol. As we walk through the store I tell my mom about trying out couponing. A little after arriving Steven gets picked up by the hubby to get taken to his baseball game. I tell him that I would call him when I'm done to see how the game is going and check if I have time to make the end of it.After checking out my mom sees a friend that works at the pizza shop there. They start to talk and somehow we end up buying pizza and sitting down which worked out pretty good since it was pouring outside. I only noticed it because I saw it through the big windows straight ahead and when I say pouting I mean like really pouring. I didn't even know it was suppose to rain. A few moments later the rain stops. Completely. Beside the road being wet you would have ever thought it rained that bad out. I check the weather on my phone app and it doesn't even show rain. All sunny and hot in Allentown. I snapchat a few pics while we eat and have some laughs with my snapchat friends. I love snapchat. We put gas in the car and is time to get home and cook dinner. For the hubby that is since I just had pizza. Isn't it the worse to have to make dinner when you are full to the max? Or is it only me that feel that way? ;)

I call the hubby and the game haven't even started yet. I decide to skip out of it since I still have to get home to make dinner and lunches.




625 we drive away. I tell my mom to drop me off at home since is the closest and she can borrow my car to take my sister to work. She'll have to pick me up tomorrow for work but she's also using my car tomorrow so it shouldn't matter much. We notice the time and she says my sister won't make it on time if she drops me off at home first. So we rush to the south side to pick up my sister Yami and take her to work. Good thing rush hour is over. My mom is over Naila's crying and AJs screaming, she's overwhelmed and frustrated by this point but I remind her that it was her idea to bring her. I love my niece with all my heart but she whines and whines all day long. It's been like that since she was born always with her crying for every single thing. It has gotten better over the years but she still drives us crazy when she's with us because she will cry for pretty much everything. Or she will whine because AJ is looking at her. I just laugh. A lot. The more overwhelmed I get the more I laugh. Laughing is my therapy. She wants to drop Naila off first but there's no time. We pick up Yami drop her off and let me just note that she made it with 15 minutes to spare. My mom exaggerates a lot, she could had probably drop me off first but taking out the groceries would have made her late. Point taken. My mom have a friend meet her here (McDonalds. Is my sister's first job) who's bringing her crushes for my brother to use. 

6:50 we start the drive bank to my house. 


7:00 I bring everything inside. Open up a Mickey Mouse table set for AJ that's been sitting on the deck for weeks. AJ sits and colors for 45 minutes. I love that it doesn't take much to entertain this little guy. He's so simple. So loving. So perfect. I love him. 


In between his play I snap a few pics, think about what to make the hubby and Steven as a late supper and check IG. As I scroll down my news feed I notice Julia's post. Julia is our wedding photographer. I don't know her well enough or talk to her on a routinely basis to call her my friend but I still consider her a friend. An acquaintance.  Her picture captioning gives me the chills. This girl has had it rough the past several years. I take it upon myself to send her a quick note over snapchat but question myself a couple of times because I don't want to seem nosey or whatever. Ever since I've been following her on snapchat I've seen a side of her I never seen before (again maybe because we're not real friends) but she has this spirit. Is like nothing can phase her. Like she doesn't let the things going on in her life interfere with her life. There's just something about her that really makes me wish we were "real friends" because we can all use a friend like that at times. Like what you may ask, but from what I've seen, from what I've notice, and from what I've been through in my own personal life she is what I needed when times were tough. Don't get me wrong, I have my little group of girls that I can count on for everything and anything but Julia is different. There's just something about her. So I send her a message over snapchat, hoping she doesn't think I'm a complete weirdo or undercover lesbian stalker lol I just want her to know that she has a gift. Whatever it may be her story can help others, especially women. I wanted to tell her briefly how I felt and what I see so that maybe just maybe she thinks about it. I really hope that someday she decided to write her story, maybe something as simple as blogging to begin with, where she can touch others and maybe without meaning it even help them. Speaking from my personal experience, knowing how others deal with adversities in life could have helped me deal with mine. Trust and believe that I did look around but there weren't many that I could relate to. Anywho, I'm getting off topic here. Point is that I wanted to talk about her in my DiTL because she touched me with her IG picture that day and so I asked and she said yes! 

I proceed with my day by taking a few pics with my silly boy AJ. Then realize that it is getting late n I should really work on dinner. 




8:07 dinner on the works. 



8:40 I get AJ in the shower and decide to wash his hair which takes longer than expected. The boys make it home shortly after and I get AJ dressed and put him in his crib to fall asleep although he was not pleased. 


9:00 I fix the tacos for the boys. Late supper indeed. We normally don't eat this late but there are definitely days when things just don't happen like I plan. Welcome to my married life!

9:30 AJ is screaming to get him out of the crib. I decide to rock him to sleep and utilize that time to add to my DiTL post. I say I'll only be here till 1030 the latest yet is almost 11 and I'm still writing. I don't want to forget anything from today. The kitchen and everything else is cleaned anyways so I continue to write and tell myself I'll stop at eleven.


In between my writing the big boys get showered up and I assumed went to bed but when I went down the stairs I found Steven sleeping on the couch. I leave him there till I'm done working in the kitchen then I wake him and walk him to his room.

11:00 I get up to shower. Think about packing lunch. But I'm too tired and I'll have to be up in six hours. I decide to put a salad together for hubby and worry about my lunch tomorrow but hubby's salad looks good so I make myself a smaller version. Since I'm up and all I might as well do it now or I'll regret not doing it come morning and I'm rushing. I'm extremely tired but it takes me 15 minutes to pack all that. Go me! I look at King and take him outside for a few. It never takes long anyways. Well not this night, tonight he wants to stay out a little longer. Just great. I notice my devotionals staring at me and it reminds me that I didn't read them today so I work on that while King is outside and boy am I glad I did. Devotionals like this complete my days, always.  I lock up, take my pills, put on the alarm, and head up to shower. I gave up on being in bed by 11:30pm a while ago.



After showering and getting putting on pjs I check on my boys and then get myself into bed. My bed has never felt better. I check that my alarms are on for the right time and give the hubby a goodnight kiss. I close my eyes for prayer.

12:11am. Now I can fall asleep. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When your faith gets tested part 1


Several days ago I received a devotional from my pastor. She has sent me one daily for the past two years now if not longer. Those devotionals have been blessings in disguise for me because without them I wouldn't have been able to understand and accept certain trials that I've had the opportunity to go through and overcome.

When May came around and I had to submit my nursing application for this coming fall I thought this was it. So many years of part time classes and set backs were all worth it because I was sure that I was going to get into the program. Until June came around and my TOEFL results were in. The TOEFL is a test you are required to take by certain universities if you were not born in the United States. That test is suppose to reveal whether you understand and are capable of studying in the English language. Out of the four pats I scored well in two of them. One I did soso and one I scored low. I couldn't understand what had happened. Why did I score low? I've spoken the language for almost 20 years. Not to mention I've been taking college level classes for the past 6-7 years and I've done well in all of them with the exception of chemistry which I had to repeat multiple times. And that was not due to the language barrier, it was simply a hard class. At least for me. So "what now?" That was the email I sent my academic advisor? What am I to do now? What's next? His answer. "We wait. We wait on the decision of the nursing program coordinator. But in the meantime I suggest you re take the test and see if you score better". I'm not going to score better, I said. I ran out of time. I'm a slow test taker and if I don't know the material I'm going to need time to revise my work something that I cannot do if the test is timed. I had blamed my low score and the amount of time I was given to take that part of the test for the results given. 

I waited. I prayed. I read. 

With the daily devotionals I read and some bible verses I realized that nothing is impossible to my Savior. If it was his will and if I believed it would happened than I would receive it. Catch was that I would receive it on his time not mine. 

Two obstacles came about that could have prevented me from retaking the TOEFL. Money and time. The test is not too expensive per say but sure of an inconvenience and pricey once you have to repeat it and the date available for the retake was 6/27, my weekend rotation. Again I prayed and concluded that if it was meant to be it shall be. I was provided with the money to pay for the test and miraculously I was given off the weekend I had to work just by asking. Not just the day needed but the full weekend. I said, "God is good"  and quickly registered for the test. 

Test day was here. 

I woke up early. Got ready and made coffee. Ate breakfast and everything seemed well. I showed up and felt prepared. During the test fear took over me. Again I ran out of time but I was able to get a lot more done than the first time. I couldn't explain what had happened but I felt Overpowered by fear. I had high hopes that my scores would be a lot better but somehow and for some reason fear told me that maybe I had done just about the same if not worse. I walked out of the test center feel disappointed. I drove what turned out to be five hours to ocean city, MD with my mom not letting the fear reach the surface. I was also able covered it over the next few days. Then we came home and I lost control. 

There's no greater fear than the fear of the unknown. 

I knew exactly what was happening. I was losing faith. I was afraid to ask for help yet somehow found the courage to ask my pastor to add me to her prayers. I was honest and said it out loud. I'm allowing my fears to become more powerful than my faith. How could I stop it? What can I do? 

I started to write this post. Not knowing when I would post it or even if I should. If I post it I would have to talk about the outcome regardless of what it would be. 

To be continued. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Steven at 9

Steven turns 9


I still cannot believe that you turned 9 today. You are honesty the sweetest kid ever. So caring, good-hearted and loving, always thinking of others and meaning well. Wanting to do things on your own and always wanting to push yourself beyond your limits to test your abilities I assume and if you don't succeed it does not prevent you from trying again. You are fearless child of mine. From riding the tallest roller coaster to riding mountain bikes and watching the most horrendous and scariest movie out there. I don't understand how gross things don't bother you at your age. And yes, we do let you watch some scary movies with us (by us I mean your father, I don't get near a scary movie). We feel that there are things in life that are definitely not appropriate for kids but there are other things that whether with our approval or not you will do and we rather you do them or in this case watch them with us not behind us. We want to keep the line of communication and trust open with you while also maintaining clear understanding the line between parent and child. So far I think we've done well. What do you think? Many might not agree with our ways but is okay because we don't care what others might say or think. At the end of the day you are our son and we will be the ones held accountable for the way you turn out to be as an adult whether or not we raise you with or without the opinions of others.

You are the perfect combination of your father and I. Your looks is a well balanced mixture of that of your daddy's and I, lucky you :). Many say you look so much like me but when I look at you I only see your daddy. Maybe because of your body and manly features. You're very tall for your age and the same goes for your weight. Although you are not considered overweight. I would say that you are well nourished ;) You've always been this way though, always above average in the charts.

Things you love:

Food. This is your weakness and I can't blame you because you inherited this gene from both daddy and me. We love food. Unfortunately for you if you do not keep it under control the weight will creep up on you. That comes from your paternal side. Unless of course you inherited my genes in that department, if so then eat away my child because as of yet I've been lucky enough to eat all I want and not get overweight. Except for fast food, those pounds do became noticeable in just a couple of months. I'm sure that you'll be fine though. You have your gym-aholic father as a role model for staying fit. Even at your age you ask to go to the gym with him or for him to create a "workout plan" that you can do because you want a "six-pack" hahaha. Oh Steven, you are the light of my eyes.

While we are in this topic I should add that this summer as a way to bond with you more now that you are nearing the teens and to instill healthy habits in you we will be going out for walk and workout sessions together as well as reading books. I hope this bonding time will bring us closer together and create another level of trust and communication between us that will become beneficial sooner than later. I look forward on seeing what this new age will bring and how it'll affect your individual relationships with us. Although I'm a little scare because I don't quite now how I can help you in the years ahead being that you are a boy and all. I'm staying hopeful though.

Fashion: I'm sure I've said this before but you sure have a sense for fashion. Mainly for sneakers. You love shoes, all kinds. Sandals, boots, dressy, sneakers, cleats, you name it. But when it comes to putting an outfit together? Oh Lord have mercy. Hahaha. Your sense of matching is combining over three shades of the same color and you know "it matches because is the same color". That's always your argument to try and get away with it which by the way doesn't work buddy. You also like the "skinny jeans for boys" trend and although I don't mind it too much I simply cannot wrap my head around it when I see you wearing it. It doesn't help that you are growing at an immensely rapid pace so jeans need to be replaced every three months or so if not they are sure to be extra tight on you and I am not exaggerating. The fact that you butt was double blessed does not help the situation. I hope you grow out of that if not a career as a baseball player will suit you well the the fashion department ;)

Sports: You've always been into sports and have played baseball for the past 4 years now but this year you had a great season. Aside from your team winning all but 1 game you have played various positions from catcher, pitcher, outfield, and pretty much all bases. You loved it this year and with good reasons, they kept you busy. I'm so proud of you little man. The coach and the other fathers say you have potential and that you can make it far if you focus and that brings me so much joy. Seeing that others are able to recognize your talents without even knowing you well enough is one of the greatest feeling for me. Some even tell me that we should sign you up for football this fall , I'm still a bit hesitant about it because you will be new to that sport and honestly I just want to protect you but I don't know, now that you are 9 this might be the year for football. We shall see. By the way you my child made the All-Star team this season. Games start next week! 

Music/Viola: Ever since you joined the orchestra at the school this past January your interest for music has increased even more. You were always interested in singing and I even have several videos of you singing and rapping when you were younger (oh the memories). Lately however, I've noticed that you like music a lot more. You bring the iPad into the bathroom with you when you shower and tell us that you only want to listen to music ( I always thought that you played games while in there because I caught you once taking a bath and playing with the iPad in the bath tub... I almost had a heart attack). Since the Orchestra is part choir too you get to sing and you love to practice at home. You bring your lyrics sheet home and practice til you have memorized the song then you walk around singing and practicing your viola. I love how happy music makes you :)

Your Brother: You are an amazing big brother. Always protecting him, helping him, teaching him, loving him. AJ is lucky to have you as his big brother. As I've said before the bond between the two of you is pure love. I hope it never changes.

Technology. Of course that in this age this one is a given. For months now you have been asking for a cell phone as your birthday gift. But not just any cell phone you asked for an iPhone. Oh dear, what are we going to do with you? If this is now I'm afraid of what you'll ask as a 16th birthday gift. I have a feeling that that is a given too.

I have to admit that not everything is flowers and cupcakes with you. You my child are as stubborn as they come. Not only do you push yourself to the limit but you also push us and test our patience. I don't want to say that you are a "bad disrespectful kid" because you know better but you sure own a temper. I've always felt that you had anger issues and is hard for you to express your emotions but your daddy says that that's normal, that you are simply being a kid, and that he was the same way at your age. We do practice your breathing and talking out your frustrations when needed and that seems to help but the stubbornness within you refuses to admit that doing those thing does truly help you. I do admit of being guilty of loosing my cool with you more often than I should. I hope that this coming year we become more in sync with each other and that we become closer. You are without doubt a daddy's boy and sometimes it makes me jealous because you're supposed to be a mamas boy like AJ. I guess I will win some and lose some.

Happy Birthday Steven! May God Bless you today and always and bring you life, health, and happiness for the rest of your life.

We love you son.