Monday, July 21, 2014

Transitioning: 6 Months Update

Since my first and last post about transitioning lots has happened. And to be quite honest I'm well pleased with the results.

I mentioned that back in February I went for my big chop. It was a big decision because my hair was pretty long. Not only that but it had taken me a long time to get it to where it was. Problem was that it wasn't at its healthiest, I had two textures, and I was losing my hair like my bulldog loses his. It was bad and it had me so down. It always had to be blow dried and I had not been able to just wash and go for over a year due to the two texture thing. Once I got the "big chop" it got better but just a little. Although I had chopped off a chunk of my hair I still had a lot of relaxed ends. I want to say about another 5". So much for the big chop uh. 

Well 8 weeks later I went back to my stylist and asked her to cut as much as possible. I didn't want my hair washed or styled, I just wanted a cut.  And a cut I got. I cut another 3+ inches and when I came home looking like this hubby was not happy. Oops. 

I even started questioning my own decision to cut so much so soon. I was having second doubts but it was too late for that at that point. 

Over the months I tried different styles for an every day look. My favorite has been the braid outs. I feel like it gives me a better look and it's easy, fast, and comfortable to sleep in unlike Bantu Knots and the Curlformers. 

About a week after the second time I cut my hair I decided to blow dry it at home due to the simple fact that I was going to be going to the Dominican Republic on vacation and for my mother's wedding. I wanted to know for sure how my hair would look blow dry and I wanted to experiment with different styles for the wedding. It didn't look bad at all. Actually for my Easter picture is when I did it and although very short it still looked great! 

A week later in DR I blow dried it again only because it was the wedding and the Salon there only charged $5 (American money) to wash and dry your hair. Ummm yea, I would have been stupid not to take advantage of that deal. Since then I blow dried it several times, I know shame on me. The first was 3 weeks after getting back from DR because we had another wedding to attend, again the weekend that my grandmother passed away, and once again 4 weeks later when I went back for another cut which has officially been my final cut to complete the transition from relaxed to natural. 

So yes, I have officially transitioned from relaxed to natural and to be quite honest if you would have told me 15 years ago that my natural texture was curly hair I would have never believed it. No diffuser, products, or crunching can ever curl my hair as close as my natural curl pattern. I am beyond excited that I did this journey. It was only six months because I am as inpatient as they come and kept chopping away. Now, I should really keep away from heat but that's a never ending battle for now. However, I think that since that first chop back in February I've done pretty good with that. Normally I would apply heat to my hair on a weekly base and since then I can count with my hands the amount of times I've applied heat. :)

Outcome is curly but short hair. Very short hair. I love it, though I'm not use to it. Since my hair is layered out I have the longest length in the lower back that bothers the crap out of me. I'm thinking to either cut that part shorter to give a more define curly look or just blow dry my hair until it grows a bit more. I don't know, there's a lot at stake there don't you think? I have to think about it very hard and list the pros and cons then I'll be back with the final thought. 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Life Lately

Let's see. Since I last published a post I was lost in my little world of the "what if". Since then my world has crashed over and over again. Frustration has set in and taken over but lucky for me my Heavenly Father has been merciful at the same time. Since Easter lots has happen, 

1. We traveled to Dominican Republic for vacation among other things. This vacation was officially recorded as the vacation from hell. Yet at the same the it was a blessing in disguise. 

2. My mother married her long distance lover. Just kidding. They've been dating over 10 years. 6 which were long distance, Wow.  

3. My grandmother, the last one left and the one I had just seen 3 weeks earlier passed away unexpectedly. I will forever cherish those last memories with her. 

4.I applied to be a foster parent. Say what now?… Check back for more on that. 

5. My husband and I celebrated our 3 years wedding anniversary by staying home doing nada. Not even a picture for the books. Sad. 

6. The next night we flew to San Diego, CA on another vacation already pre planned before my grandmother passed. 

7. My firstborn turned 8 years old. Happy Birthday baby. Mommy loves you more today then yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow :) 

8. My little guy turned 18 months and is doing so much! Where has the time gone to?

9. I gained 6lbs on this vacation which I'm sure 5 were from the wine. 

10. I've discover that reading devotionals and the bible, drinking coffee, and not making decisions when in doubt keeps me sane and happy. 

I have a new bloggy friend. Lola @Lolasworldunveiled go check her out, you will love her! After months and months of persuading this lady to start a blog she has finally done it. 

Yes lots has happened. I'm excited to be back and to have found an even greater love for blogging. I have so much to talk about :) 

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