Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making it work

UntitledIt's been three weeks now since I've started this new job. It's your typical Monday thru Friday 8:30a-5p no weekends no holidays. Sounds great right? 

Well it has definitively been something new to get use to and make work with the rest of my life. I haven't worked full time or days for some years and adjusting to being up early and following a schedule to be on time, stay organize, and keep sane has been challenging to say the least. 

The likes: 
-I know it's early for this but I love the people and the atmosphere they bring to the office. Everyone is always so happy and willing to help. It shows that they're a tight group and that they love what they do. I think that's important because working in an atmosphere where there's always negativity can rub off on you and before you know it you begin to hate your job just because you don't look forward to what you have to go into to every day. Here even the doctors sit with you at lunch and have normal conversation with everyone. They don't make themselves superior "just because they're Doctors". 

-The fast-paced. Boy is this office busy. My mornings fly by and afternoon seem slower because I'm still on training and can't do much hands on. Although I'm sure once I start doing things on my own my days will fly by. 

-I have my own area to decorate as I please. I can keep snacks in my personal drawers, I can display pictures around my desk. I can organize things how I want. I have my own direct line. It's awesome! I never had this before, I always had to share with 3+ girls. This is way better for my likings :)

The dislikes: 
The only thing I dislike about my job is my end time. I get out at 5p but technically I can't leave until the last patient leaves. It's happened already were I've stayed until 5:30p and I honestly don't mind it much (who says no to money right?). However I miss my boys as it is already and it doesn't help that it gets dark early and that by the time I get home is just about or after 6p. 

-Following that is having to eat dinner so late. Meaning anytime between 6p-8p depending if I made dinner via the crock-pot before leaving the house or not. I'm used to having dinner ready between 3p-5p so this is quite the difference for us. Then right after is bedtime and I feel like I hardly got to spend time with my boys. With the exception of AJ and he's sleepless nights. More on that on another post. 

What I've learned: 
-I've mentioned before how I have issues with procrastination. After starting this job I've noticed that I'm always on the go. From work to making dinner to getting ready to the next day to clean up then bedtime. It has been non-stop. Hence my lack of post lately. However, I like it! It keeps me going and makes me prioritize, this is a new side of me I didn't know I had. 

What I look forward to: 
-I'm looking forward to being on my own and out of training. 

-On figuring out how to manage my time more wisely to do all things on my to do list. 

-To have a routine set up that works for all of us. I know it won't always be perfect but it'll be a start and I hope a few months down the row we'll be moving on like its nothing. 

What I miss: 
-I miss being home on snow days and taking my kids to their appointments. I know in the future I will be able to plan better and take off to do those things but missing AJs first year check up was hard. I can't imagine how it'll be when/if I have to miss a parent-teacher conference. :-/ 

-Teaching and feeding AJ. Playing with him and having our lazy days in bed. 

-Hard to believe but I miss taking Steven to school and picking him up. I don't miss the traffic or parking issue or dragging AJ in and out of the car but I sure miss seeing him walk in the school while turning around every second to throw me kisses and say bye. I also miss waiting for him after school and see his face light up, most time, to see me there waiting for  him :) 

What has helped:
-Meal planning. This has been life saving. I save so much time by planning meals for the week and separating/seasoning meats on Sundays. 

Untitled-Showering before bed. I personally need morning showers to fully wake up but I make sure both boys are showered the night before. In AJs case I even put warm pjs or body suits at bedtime so by morning all I need to do is change his diaper and put his coat on. 

-fixing next day's lunch while making dinner. Again saves so much time and best part is that come bedtime or morning I don't have to worry about fixing lunch. Especially since hubby leaves much earlier then me. 

-taking out next day's outfit and prepping baby's bag the night before. A Must! or I will always be running late. 

-setting bedtime for myself. Having worked nights for over two years I'm used to not sleeping at all through the night or going to bed super late. This was a no no for this job obviously. I make sure that I'm in bed preferably by 10pm or 11p the latest. That way I'm well rested for work and the rest of the day. Of course that interruptions over night with a toddler that refuses to sleep can send "well rested" right out the window. In this case one just hopes for the best, or becomes a coffee drinker ;) 

Practicing good habits can be beneficial in the long run and I feel that I'm right on track :) we'll see how well things are a few months from now. It's only been three weeks. There's plenty of time for things to fall into place. I have a good feeling about this and look forward to everything else that is to come! 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adrian is One!

(Print was purchased from SomethingLovable in etsy)

My sweet baby is 1! 

That Friday I got home from work and napped a bit. We stayed at my moms helping her prep for the party the next day and at 6:30pm we headed off to the other grandma's house to sing happy birthday to our sweet boy and eat some cake. Something low key and surrounded by family. It was perfect!

Things to remember about this day:

That birthday candle has a special story to it. I was first used by his only male cousin almost three years ago.

As far as I'm concern this was AJ's first time having ice cream cake.

My brother and sisters were missing. What else is new.

His one uncle refused to take a picture with him because he was sick.

His auntie who lives across the states was able to join us via FaceTime, thank you technology!

Those three little boys midway down love my AJ so much. Such an innocent love.

AJ could have care less about what was happening until he got a taste of the cake.

The brother's pose below is their signature post. Most of their pictures together are like that and are some of my favorite. A brother's love can never be measured, I sure hope they grow up to be the best of friends.

I was late getting there. Now that's nothing new hahaha.




Adrian  Adrian   Adrian Adrian Adrian

Happy 1st Birthday Adrian!
We love you.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adrian 12 Months

This was written earlier this month but with my new schedule I never had a chance to sit and upload pictures. 


Sweet baby boy. I cannot believe today makes a year of life for you. That you have been in our lives this long. Although it doesn't feel long at all. I still feel like it was yesterday I was wishing you would decide to make an entrance into this world. And today, today you have been here for 365 days. There has been so many moments of happiness for all of us. So many first. Watching you grow and develop into a handsome, funny, one of a kind toddler. Yes a toddler.


Just this week you started to walk. You've been teasing us by taking steps here and there and by standing alone for quite some time and now you walk. Walk! I can hardly believe it. Soon you'll be walking around like is no big deal. Chasing after your doggy and brother. I can tell already that this is going to be a real treat. 



This month has been so much fun. We entered the month decorating for Christmas and your obsession with balls seemed to grow. You loved going to the Christmas tree pulling them off and rolling them around or throwing them far. 

You are an incredibly happy baby, even after a nap. You love your big brother. This month I feel as if you too have gotten so much closer. He plays with you so much more and you interact with him so well. I even caught him inside the crib with you several times. Every morning you crawl to his room to see if he's awake and if he's not you make sure to wake him. It makes my heart filled with joy to see you too love each other this much.



We got to sign you up for swimming lessons, Yaayyy. You start tomorrow. We are so excited to see how you do. I'm sure you'll do fine because you love the water. And you did great in the ocean while we were on vacation in Puerto Rico. 

You learned how to say puppy which sounds more like "pop pee" and can associate that word with the dog. You've said "agua"-water a few times although I'm not sure you realize what that is yet. You mimic a lot of the things we say to you like your name. You can say AJ so clear. I wonder if you know that that's you!

Besides walking you have learned how to go up and down the stairs. You are fearless my child. You slide off the bed and couch like is nothing. You even try climbing on your brothers bed, without success that is. You can build a tower of 4 blocks and you sure know how to feed Cookie Monster his cookies :)


My baby, this year has been an amazing one with you being a part of it. We look forward to many more amazing years and to see you develop into an active little toddler in the months to come. God Bless you child of mine, may you enjoy your special day to the fullest. 

Happy Birthday Silly Boy!

Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother, and you "pop pee" King  

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ooh January...

You have been quite the month haven't you. Let's recap, shall we.

(It seems we can never take a family picture at events)

Ending the year 2013 I was prepping to close a chapter in my life and begin another. We had a low key Christmas and New Year's Eve with the traditional Christmas Day celebration at my mother-in-law's followed by a visit to my mother's house. For New Year's Eve we ended up going to my friend mother's house which was at walking distance from our place. It was a cold night but it made no sense to drive when it literally took one minute to get there if we walked. So we bundled up and walked over. We were there longer then expected and we got home around 4am. 

(waiting to open gifts)

The next two days for me were my last shifts at my night shift job. These girls love to celebrate, whether it's a birthday, a birth, a retirement, you name it. On my last night of work we were expecting bad weather and we weren't sure who would make it to work so we decided to order food to celebrate my new adventure and say goodbye. Lucky for us the Chinese restaurants were still making deliveries, snow blizzard and all, and that's who we went with. The rest of the night seemed to drag on forever! Every time I looked at the clock only 5-10 minutes had passed by. It was horrible. I couldn't wait to call it a night and close that chapter of my life. Don't get me wrong, I will miss the girls dearly and I hope to keep in touch with quite a few of them yet I'm anxious to see what the future holds. I've prayed many times for a change and now that it's happening I have no doubt it's all thanks to my prayers being answered. 

That Friday there was a lot going on while we prepped for our little guy's first birthday celebration. The snow had us worried and we weren't sure if to cancel it or not but thank God by Saturday things looked okay and most roads were drivable. We went ahead with the plans and it was a success! Stay tuned for a post on Adrian's First Birthday, Sesame Street style ;)


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