Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ooh January...

You have been quite the month haven't you. Let's recap, shall we.

(It seems we can never take a family picture at events)

Ending the year 2013 I was prepping to close a chapter in my life and begin another. We had a low key Christmas and New Year's Eve with the traditional Christmas Day celebration at my mother-in-law's followed by a visit to my mother's house. For New Year's Eve we ended up going to my friend mother's house which was at walking distance from our place. It was a cold night but it made no sense to drive when it literally took one minute to get there if we walked. So we bundled up and walked over. We were there longer then expected and we got home around 4am. 

(waiting to open gifts)

The next two days for me were my last shifts at my night shift job. These girls love to celebrate, whether it's a birthday, a birth, a retirement, you name it. On my last night of work we were expecting bad weather and we weren't sure who would make it to work so we decided to order food to celebrate my new adventure and say goodbye. Lucky for us the Chinese restaurants were still making deliveries, snow blizzard and all, and that's who we went with. The rest of the night seemed to drag on forever! Every time I looked at the clock only 5-10 minutes had passed by. It was horrible. I couldn't wait to call it a night and close that chapter of my life. Don't get me wrong, I will miss the girls dearly and I hope to keep in touch with quite a few of them yet I'm anxious to see what the future holds. I've prayed many times for a change and now that it's happening I have no doubt it's all thanks to my prayers being answered. 

That Friday there was a lot going on while we prepped for our little guy's first birthday celebration. The snow had us worried and we weren't sure if to cancel it or not but thank God by Saturday things looked okay and most roads were drivable. We went ahead with the plans and it was a success! Stay tuned for a post on Adrian's First Birthday, Sesame Street style ;)


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