Sunday, July 31, 2011

letters to my loved ones

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog I follow. Sort of. In one of her posts she gave reference to a friend she has and she posted a link to that friend's blog. Me being like I am, clicked on the link and got so caught up on that other person's blog. That other person is Stacy, from Show and Tell Photography. I love reading about other people out there and their life or career.

Before I knew it I'd reached a post that talked about letters that she writes to herself on her birthdays to be open 5 years later. I thought that was such a neat idea. It must be a great feeling reading something you wrote for yourself years ago. You can read things about your life that you might of forgotten about, or you can notice how much you've changed just by the way your letter was written and how much your life has changed since then. I was intrigued and I kept thinking that maybe I should do something like that and see how it turns out.

Later that day an episode from George Lopez's show came to mind and was also given that night. I love George, we watch him all the time as a family. In that specific episode Angie, his wife, finds a letter that they had written to each other when they got married many years ago. I want to say maybe 15-20 years. They were suppose to open the letter a while back but she completely forgot about it. Now that she has found them she wants to open up the letters and read what they had written each other back when they were newlyweds. Is a funny episode, yet again they all are. You should watch it sometime. This episode gave me the idea to also write a letter to DH and have him write one for me to open on our 5th year anniversary and make it a tradition of every 5 years or so.

Then a couple of weeks later I was watching an episode from Drop Dead Diva and what do you know. In that episode Jane, the main actress, was defending a mother who had conceived her child through a sperm donor company and her child was born with medical issues etc. The point is that that mother had written a letter to her son to be open when he was 17 years old. Do I have to say what idea that gave me? :)

Coincidence or fate?

Now here I am starting a family tradition that I hope will continue on through the years and hopefully my kids generations and so forth. So far I've written a letter to my beloved husband to be exchanged and open on our 5th anniversary, a letter to my son to be open on his 18th birthday (that day I plan to write another one to be open on his 30th birthday), and a letter to myself to be open on my 29th birthday. I'm very excited and curious to know how much or little my/our life changes in the next 5 years and how different we become as a couple, individual, parent, child, etc.

Here are some pictures I took of the letter I wrote to DH .

Friday, July 29, 2011

"so, how does it feel being married?"

Umm... I'm not sure. I've been with the guy for 6 years and we've lived together for 5. Should it feel any different? lol That's what I feel like telling everyone when they ask me.

I mean I get that we just got married and they expect us to say that it is different and honestly it does feel different. To me, personally, it feels the same just more real, more personal, and more lifelong. However. When you have 20 people a day asking the same question you just want to respond to them like my first answer up top. I think it would be much better if they would just say "Hey there. Finally married, Congratulations. How was the wedding?" That would be so much better and easier to answer. Now that's a question I can take a whole day answering :)

What do you think?

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi, my name is Pamela!

Welcome to my life as a newlywed. One month ago today I vowed to spend the rest of my life with an amazing, and very handsome, man. We have been together for 6 years now and we have a amazingly smart baby boy {although he's not a baby anymore, he just turned 5 on July 1st =)}

 After the wedding, I came to the conclusion that I really enjoyed blogging and decided to continue documenting this journey we all call life. This blog will consist of the happy moments in my married life, my frustrations and dislikes, and our adventures which I foresee as being many. I plan to blog about my favorite recipes and new ones, my journey to my dream career as a RN and maybe even a NP (Nurse Practitioner), hey I was told that if I was going to dream to make sure I dream big since dreaming doesn't cost anything ;) our favorite vacation spots, new family traditions, and so so much more.

Currently in my busy life I'm taking a summer course, chemistry, to complete my requirements to be able to apply to the nursing program. I'm also looking forward, kind of, on a new job opportunity that I was given at one of the major hospital in the area in the NICU department and the Mother Baby Unit (MBU). I'm super excited to start working there as it will give me a an opportunity to observe the job descriptions and demands. However, I'm not too thrilled to change my whole life around and work overnight. I sure will miss my boys. I'm also learning how to organize and prioritized my life to take better care of my family needs as well as my own.

There are many exciting things happening within the next few months and years and I hope you stay around and follow me on this new journey I call My Married Life.

Have a great and blessed Sunday night!