Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi, my name is Pamela!

Welcome to my life as a newlywed. One month ago today I vowed to spend the rest of my life with an amazing, and very handsome, man. We have been together for 6 years now and we have a amazingly smart baby boy {although he's not a baby anymore, he just turned 5 on July 1st =)}

 After the wedding, I came to the conclusion that I really enjoyed blogging and decided to continue documenting this journey we all call life. This blog will consist of the happy moments in my married life, my frustrations and dislikes, and our adventures which I foresee as being many. I plan to blog about my favorite recipes and new ones, my journey to my dream career as a RN and maybe even a NP (Nurse Practitioner), hey I was told that if I was going to dream to make sure I dream big since dreaming doesn't cost anything ;) our favorite vacation spots, new family traditions, and so so much more.

Currently in my busy life I'm taking a summer course, chemistry, to complete my requirements to be able to apply to the nursing program. I'm also looking forward, kind of, on a new job opportunity that I was given at one of the major hospital in the area in the NICU department and the Mother Baby Unit (MBU). I'm super excited to start working there as it will give me a an opportunity to observe the job descriptions and demands. However, I'm not too thrilled to change my whole life around and work overnight. I sure will miss my boys. I'm also learning how to organize and prioritized my life to take better care of my family needs as well as my own.

There are many exciting things happening within the next few months and years and I hope you stay around and follow me on this new journey I call My Married Life.

Have a great and blessed Sunday night!

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