Thursday, April 13, 2017

Things I want to work on the first year in my 30s


I'm 30! OMG, I am 30!

When did that happen? Oh yeah, just a few weeks ago hahaha. I'm so excited to take on this next decade of life. I have so many plans and goals to achieve.

To get started, I've been thinking about some things that I want to focus on this next year. I'm an adult now. Things are serious y'all.

So here we go, here's some things I want to work on and do this first year in my thirties.

Love myself. I mean like really love myself and learn to accept and be happy with the little imperfections. I want to stop comparing myself to others and appreciate what I've been blessed with.

Creating a routine. My life is chaotic being that I'm still working on my nursing degree so lots of my time is being taken up by school work on top of being a wife and a mother. All the more reasons to be super proud of myself when it is all done.

Get to places on time. Be better organized. Read more books (kind of hard with nursing books on my back). Do some volunteer work. Donate blood. Read the bible daily. Make time for those that matter. Spend alone time, enjoy it, and do more soul searching. Spend less time on social media (this is almost impossible in this generation right?)

 Pray More, Worry Less, Be Positive!

Really focus on my health. I hear that is not as easy to lose weight with little effort at this stage so I have to really hop on it now. I would like to exercise at least 3x a week and record monthly progress. Eat healthier meals and less fast food -meal planning will help with this. Do a yoga/meditate challenge.

Send 30 handwritten notes to 30 people I appreciate. Thoroughly document the first year of my 30s.

Do a photography challenge. I'm eyeing Project 365 but it sort of intimidates me. Learn to properly edit photos. Run a 5/10K. Take a weekend trip to the Poconos (either winter or summer). Learn to swim properly. See a Broadway show. Learn to dance salsa. Take the kids to Disney World (I think I want this more for myself) ;-)

Learn to type with two hands (yea yea I know, but it's true I'm a one hand typer). Dress for your age, don't worry about what your younger sisters have to say. Get away to Jamaica with the hubby Done! 3/18-23 Try white water rafting. Go camping. Take family photos in the Spring.

Most importantly, Have Fun & Be Happy!

"What consumes your mind, controls your life"

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 2017


Oh March. You were so good to me. Thank you!!! 

Lots of things happened this month. 

My dear friend flew up from Florida with her brand new baby :) we were able to catch up on life and the we got to me her husband. 

Most of the bathroom face lift was completed this month. It's still not 100% finish but we're getting there. 

We celebrated my brothers 28th birthday. 

We took a trip to the ice skating rink. It was the boys first time and boy oh boy was it fun and hilarious hahaha. Definitely something we'll be doing again. 

I turned 30!!! Oh yes, more on this soon. 

After dinner and cake with the littles, hubby and I flew down to the Caribbean to give the 30s a proper welcome. 😉

My Dad's little sister came to stay with us for a weekend from the Dominican Republic. Lots of shopping and family time well spent. 

Hubby and I attended our church's marriage seminar for the 4th year in a row now. Very informative, so glad we were able to attend. 

This month we didn't get to attend bible study like we had been doing which made me feel so guilty. Hoping we get back on the wagon for April. 

March was so amazing! I am loving life so much right :)