Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 2017


Oh March. You were so good to me. Thank you!!! 

Lots of things happened this month. 

My dear friend flew up from Florida with her brand new baby :) we were able to catch up on life and the we got to me her husband. 

Most of the bathroom face lift was completed this month. It's still not 100% finish but we're getting there. 

We celebrated my brothers 28th birthday. 

We took a trip to the ice skating rink. It was the boys first time and boy oh boy was it fun and hilarious hahaha. Definitely something we'll be doing again. 

I turned 30!!! Oh yes, more on this soon. 

After dinner and cake with the littles, hubby and I flew down to the Caribbean to give the 30s a proper welcome. 😉

My Dad's little sister came to stay with us for a weekend from the Dominican Republic. Lots of shopping and family time well spent. 

Hubby and I attended our church's marriage seminar for the 4th year in a row now. Very informative, so glad we were able to attend. 

This month we didn't get to attend bible study like we had been doing which made me feel so guilty. Hoping we get back on the wagon for April. 

March was so amazing! I am loving life so much right :)

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