Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Reflection on my 20s *Part 2

I’m not even going to lie. I like the idea of turning 30 tomorrow and starting the new volume of this book I call my life on earth. Its bittersweet t say goodbye to an era where in most of it all I did was try to find who I was and my purpose on earth. And although I have yet to figure it all out I have learned so much about myself.

My twenties were full of some great moments and some not so great, but let’s call those life lessons. By reflecting back to those moments I can truly say I learned a lot. I definitely had several lessons I had to repeat to grasp the concept but for the most part I think I got it now. Aside from those life lessons everything else was perfect.

*I married my best friend. I may not have known so back then but the older we get the more we realize we really are each other’s best friend. We have grown and mature so much together and most importantly we have leaned to love each other unconditionally. Marriage is hard, very hard. It requires patience, love, forgiveness, and maturity. Yet for every bad day there were at least ten good ones, which I wouldn’t trade for the world.

*I became mother to two amazing sons. Half of the time I still don’t get this motherhood gig right but seeing those sweet angels of mine grow and evolve into their unique loving and caring personalities makes me forget about every gray hair I have gained since their birth. They seriously are my pride and Joy.

*I have grown so much closer to my mother. She is right up there with my husband holding a best friend title. She’s my backbone, she seriously is. Life would be so much harder without her and I am thankful for every day I get to have her on earth with me.

*My siblings on the other hands are a different story. I feel that over these last several years we have grown apart more than I have ever dreamed of. However, things are turning around and I hope that as they grow older and mature more themselves they’ll too start to realize what’s really important in life and who truly means them well. Whatever the future holds for us they will be forever my little brother and sisters.

*I’ve had the opportunity to travel so much these last ten years. From Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico several times, Costa Rica, Mexico, and several other states in the country. I look forward to the many other travel adventures that are waiting to happen.

*I decided on a promising career. It has been a long and everything but easy of a journey but I’m getting there and that’s all the matters. I like to say that I live a life of no regrets because those experiences have helped in shaping who I am. However, if there’s anything I would do different is in this section of life.

*Friendships. Well let’s just say that the older I got the less friends I ended up having. These days I seem to have a lot of acquaintances and about a handful of friends. And I’m okay with that.

*I have spent this entire decade working in the medical field. Learning, seeing, understanding, helping, you name it. I’ve come across so many people and I have learned so much about so many things. These years were years that developed my work ethic and really taught me about the meaning of life.

*Heath & Fitness were not a major part of this decade but will for sure be a part of the next. I like to call the last ten years stepping-stones ;)

*Last but not least, my faith and religion. The biggest most gratifying decision I made this decade was to follow Jesus, to trust him and believe on his promises. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not perfect. I fail a lot. Yet being able to see the progress I have made over the years motivates to continue on this path. I am so happy about my growth in this area of my life. I am no where near perfect nor do I expect it to be by the end of my time on this earth but one thing I know for sure is that with each passing day I become more aware of the importance of prayer and faith in God.

I have to admit that I have yet figured out all there is to know about life but I can finally say that I have figured out part of who I am and what I want out of life. So no, I will not be saying goodbyes to my 20s, I rather say Thank You.

Thank You for the lessons learned.

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