Friday, October 9, 2015

Mom moves in/Basement Reno

UntitledA couple of months ago my mother came to me with an idea. She said, "so, I'm not renewing my lease at the apartment again. I was thinking that instead of paying rent I could finish your basement for you and turn your storage room in the basement into a bedroom. What do you think? Will Steven be ok with that?" 

She left me speechless. I didn't know if this was a joke or a blessing in disguise. As I thought about it on the days that followed I started to like the idea. This could be beneficial for everyone involved. The house will gain value with adding an extra bedroom, an extra bathroom (we currently have one), and a finish basement. Most of the money toward the reno will be come from her so our pockets will not be hurting. She offered to pay the TV/Internet bundle bill, and for the cherry on top she can cook dinner on the days that I work and she can help out with the kids. Ok ok so I know it sounds like she's getting the bad end of the stick but she's really not, I promise.

She will b me able to save some cash, get a new car, enjoy her grandkids, and still have an area of the house for herself with her own bathroom. On the other side of things I was worry because her moving in meant that the hubby and I would have less privacy, she can be OCD about somethings (cleaning in particular), and most importantly I don't want her to feel that we are having her do too much or as if we are talking advantage of her. I also haven't lived with her in over 10 years so I feel that we might clash from time to time, which is expected I guess since we are both different beings.

So far things have been going well. She has been doing a little too much cleaning which is starting to worry me because again I don't want her to feel that she's doing everything. Although, I have been working the past several days so she's been home alone with nothing to do so I get why she's doing things. But I'll admit that's it's been pretty nice coming home to a super clean house :) not that I don't clean but I don't find it necessary to sweep and mop She has been moving things around too which I'm not happy with because then I can't find it but I just laugh about it. After all, she doesn't understand my system yet. 

In either case it's only been a week since she moved in so time will tell how things will end up but for now I'm glad to be spending time with my momma :)

Now about the reno, boy am I super excited for this!

We don't plan to stay in our house for a long time but doing the upgrades will sure be beneficial for us now as we enjoy them and when selling/possibly renting this house. So far only her "bedroom" is semi finished and needing to be painted with some framing  being started right outside the main living areas. I'm thinking the bathroom will be finished before anything else is though. 

After those two things are done the rest of the basement will be framed and divided into a seating/chill/workout area, and an official laundry room with extra storage. I am so excited for this! I'm excited for everything really but I've always wanted a designated laundry area  where I can fold and iron. Not that I enjoy doing laundry and all. 

Right now we're at a standing still since my moms friend who's doing the Reno has been getting lots of work so I foresee this little project taking quite the time to get done. In the meantime though I keep collection ideas of how I want the set up and how we'll decorate it. I've been learning a lot about construction too and electricity. I was able to assist him with the wiring and insulation. I can see myself doing that kind of work but do I have what it takes? Who knows. The hubby is in trouble though if I get any ideas to do other Reno around the house ;-)


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