Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello Autumn!

I am so excited for the adventures that are coming this season. On top of this being my all time favorite season, from the cool weather to everything pumpkin flavored, we have lots of things going on on the weeks ahead.
My SIL Lola is coming to town for a couple of weeks with her four years old son. That means that many of our Fall adventures/traditions like apple picking, pumpking carving, seed roasting, and trick-or-treating, to name a few, will be done alongside that little one who lives across the country. As for the adults, events suchs as a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and a wedding awaits. Lots of eating out, wine drinking, and quality time will also be a part of this month. I decided to take off 2 weeks for her home visit, I mean why not? I have the time to use :) 
Then in November we are heading to Puerto Rico for a two weeks family vaction over the Thanksgiving break. I feel fortunate enough on being able to take off so many days in a two months period. I thought that this summer was a great one and as we get more in the groove of things this Fall season and the end of year approches I feel like this year has been short of amazing.
I'm excited for the weeks to come! But what I'm truly excited for is some me time. I cannot wait to be off from work and enjoy warm pumpkin flavored coffee outside my poch or out on my deck while I indulge in a romance novel. Maybe I'll embrace the cool weather and go for jogs/runs after dropping off the kids. Of course that my own schooling will be there with lots of demands but I will use my time wisely to make the best out of this stay-cation ;)
Look forward to the stay-cation highlights toward the end of this month as well as the last DITL post for the year!

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