Thursday, October 15, 2015

Social Media Vent

So. I'm deleting my Instagram. I've had it on my mind for a very long time now and it was the first thing I jotted down when I was making my 30 before 30 list. I was planning on staying away from social media for at least a year. But then something happened. Again. I wrote about it here a while back too. Someone is sending me anonymous messages. It seems that whoever it is hates me and wishes me the worse in life. To make matters worse is someone who definitely knows me. Which makes it even scarier because who is it that I am trusting that is using my trust as key to harm me. Who could that person be? Only in the Hispanic community I tell you. It's sad, really sad.

Being that we don't know who it is and we don't have the slightest idea it's making it clear for me to decide on what I need to do. I need to step away from social media and cut out of my life all who might wish me harm. Funny thing is that I don't feel like I over share on IG. Do I? I'd love to hear from those who follow me on IG, do I share to much? Isn't social media about sharing the things that make you happy that bring you joy? Why should I feel guilty to post about date nights just because you are single? I'm sorry that you are single but how is that my fault? I'm sure not every one's life on IG is as perfect as it seems. How often do you post about the fight you and your husband had over the kids punishment? Or because the house was a complete mess? I'm sure that never. So why should I post about the bad moments in my life? That's personal to me and quite frankly I'd rather forget sooner rather than later. We all mostly share what makes us happy not what made us cry or got us angry. It doesn't mean that I don't have does moments just that I chose not to dwell on them. It happened, I get over it, and keep it moving. I'm not going to share it with the world. And I feel that I should not have to apologize for the way my life is. Certainly not every aspect of it is perfect but I chose to embrace those that are. And now I have to punish those who do enjoy seeing my life in pictures because you have a problem with what I've been blessed with? It makes me sad. 

So yes, I'm removing myself from IG, smh. But I will continue to blog. Luckily I never promoted my blog to those in my town. You can say that I'm a closet blogger but I honestly find that I can trust more those I've never met in real life than those I see on a regular basis. That just shows 
you what kind of community I live in. 

Although I have to admit that God is good. Boy is he good. He takes the bad things in your life and use them for good and I have a good feeling about what's to come in the months ahead. 

Another chapter in my life that has come to an end. But I'm not going to lie, it's giving me anxiety to end this chapter.  

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