Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's wrong with people?

It amazes me how people have so much time in their hands to be judgmental and make others miserable. Or try to at least. Instead of focusing on their lives, their kids, their friends and families they want to focus on yours and point out the bad and tell you how you should live YOUR life.


For months now I've been getting prank calls, rude and unnecessary messages, etc. is like seriously? Does my life look that amazing that you can bear the sight to see me and mine happy? You know the sad part. That whoever this person is it just has to be someone very close to me due to the amount of information they know about me. That's the scariest part. That I'm walking around  sharing my life with those I love and care about thinking that they care about me too when in reality they only feel envious about my life. Because what else can this be but jealousy? It saddens my heart, really. Not knowing who this person may be that has hatred for me and my family and is willing to try and ruin what I have. I think what hurt even more is the thought of who the person may be. I feel, deep down, that I can't trust anyone in my surroundings and I don't like that feeling. 

At the end of the day I'm going to live my life the way I wish to because that's how I am happy. I'm not going to stop blogging or stop posting in Instagram because someone can't share in my happiness. I'm sorry. What I do plan to do is pray for whoever this person is because clearly they can use some prayer. I like to believe that this person is going through a rough time in life right now and finds that trying to ruin someone else's life will make theirs not look so broken down. I also trust that there's a reason this is happening to me and because of it I'm liking the person is making me be. So I guess I owe this person a thank you after all :) 
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