Thursday, September 12, 2013

52 WOBWAP: A room within my childhood home

UntitledThis topic has brought up some challenge to even start it up. For the simple reason that we moved a lot during my childhood. From Dominican Republic to New Jersey then New York and finally Pennsylvania. And even in PA we moved another 3 times before I moved out and started my own family. 

As I started to dig through my collections of pictures to see what I found and what spoke to me. I wanted to make sure that the place I talked about in this post was the place where most of my memories were. And even before going through my album I knew exactly which place it would be. 

This one. This is the place where we lived the longest. Where I lived for for half of my middle school years and all of high school. The place where I brought my mom my first boyfriend. Where I celebrated my 15 years of life. The place that witnessed the many fights and arguments with my mother and siblings.   The place where my family would gather for holidays, birthdays, and parties. The place where we shared my grandmother's last days. And the place my firstborn got to make memories of his own. 

As if that isn't enough this is the very same place my mother-in-law brought my husband home to after his birth. Coincidence or Fate? This too was her childhood home. Where she shared some of those very moments I spoke about above. Where she had many of her first. 

Although this place is no more and although there's a new family that lives there who's making memories of their own, this place will always take up a special space in my heart. Too many happy memories that will never be forgotten. To many shed tears that have turned me into the young adult I am today. This place will always be my childhood home. 

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