Sunday, October 20, 2013

52 WOBWAP: Random facts about my Hubby


For some odd reason I thought this was going to be hard to come up with. Random facts? Where do I even begin. I started to jot down little things about the hubby and before I knew it I had cover 15 random facts about him. Now these may not all be random but one thing I've realized is that if I was verbally describing my hubby you would think I'm nuts because I'd probably do one heck of a bad job and create a complete opposite image of who is is/looks like. 

So who is my hubby? 

He is obsessed with the gym. He works out daily. Even on Saturdays. Even when he's sick. Obsession right?
He watches nothing but Discovery, History, Animal Planet, Travel Chanel, National Geographic, ID, A&E, and like 2 more I'm forgetting.
 He's a bit on the old fashion side. He's all about providing and for me to maintain the house up to part.
He loves loves loves peanut butter and jelly cookies. They don't last a day when I make them.
The top half of his body is covered in tattoos. Well about 75% of it. including his whole back.
 Since we've been together he has fractured or broken a bone every 2-3 years faithfully. One of those times he fractured his knees playing football hours before our first son christening.
 He was voted most flirt during senior year for the yearbook. 
He's a better cook than me. Literally. His after high school plan was to become a chef. And while in high school he worked in several restaurants in the kitchen.
His closet space is twice as big as mine. For the simple reason that he has more than twice the amount of clothes then I.
 He owns over 50 pairs of shoes. #truestory
Boy can he talk your ear off. Sometimes he just doesn't know when to stop. And he doesn't admit it. 
 He rather pay someone to fix something around the house then doing it himself. My husband is not handy at all.
He hates taking picture. I get a lecture without fail before every outing.
 He was suppose to be a twin but twin A died in womb. ( I secretary pray to be blessed with twins next time around)
He has the longest and curliest lashes I've ever seen. 

I'm sure I can keep going but this should be enough for now. 

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  1. What?? Over 50 pairs of shoes?? And I thought MY husband was a little bit crazy about shoes. Seriously though, he'll talk about shoe brands for longer than any girl I know. :P A husband who can cook is a good kind to have! :)

    1. Yes girl. In our home it is him, not me, who walks in and hides the shopping bags lol