Thursday, October 10, 2013

TBT: Making Memories

Earlier in August my mother and I were shopping. We ended up in my aunts house visiting and my cousin's baby was there. Having my son and niece with us I decided to take a picture of them three since they're hardly together and I couldn't help but to think about those random pictures I often come across either in my baby album or just laying around in an aunts house. Pictures like the ones below.


Many times I don't recall these days because of my age in the picture but on this picture I remember very well where it was taken. Just thinking back on what the feelings that day must have been for those taking the picture and those of us in the picture itself is overwhelming. In a happy way that is. Because the feeling that I felt talking this picture of this generation was priceless. 

I imagined my life 15, 20, 25 years from now and having my son or maybe even my niece ask me "Tia who are these kids" because you know, one can't never recognize itself in pictures this early in life. Or is it just me? Either way that's what this picture took me forward to. Then I would answer "that's you. And your cousins. In your aunts house X amounts of years ago." 

I live for these moments. The moments that mean so much yet you would never know it. The moments you think will never be remembered yet someone else have captured it in film and will last a lifetime. The moment where 3 young kids were just that. Kids. Babies even. Without a single clue of how their life will turn out. So many possibilities. So much hope. 


My dear Adrian, Nino, and Naila. This one minute of your life has now become something unforgettable for me. A moment in time which I plan to share with you when your about my age. With possibly your own kids in hands. And maybe you too that day will decide to capture a moment in time with that new generation. I love each of you more than any words could ever tell.

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