Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY: Pregnant Skeleton/Halloween 2012


Every year for Halloween we get invited to a few parties. So we prepare early when it comes to our outfits. This Halloween however we didn't know of anyone having a party. And being that our son don't like to go out treat-or-treating and that I was pregnant we kind of brushed it off altogether.

The week of October 22 we get a Facebook invite from one of my hubby's cousin saying she's throwing a Halloween party. I was excited but that meant we had some last minute shopping to do. Usually this part is easy. Just go to the store see what you like/what's available and voila. But this year there was a bun in my oven and things were a bit tricky. I wanted to be creative so I hit the www. To my surprise there were many of creative outfits I found and most of them were DIY. I was very excited when I saw it at work and showed a few girls. They were all excited and loved it. I was worried that some people would take it the wrong way but it was just too cute not to do it. Plus it's my body and I can wear whatever I want!

After work I hit Michaels right away for supplies and got the attire needed. I went home and could barely sleep so I started to draw my design. Unfortunately, my tiredness took the best off me and I didn't get too far. The rest of the week was a busy one too so I didn't work on it again until that Friday after I got out of work. Six hours later I was beat. So I napped a bit while everything dried. Then hubby came home with our son and we rushed to the costume store for outfits for them. My son talked about wanting to be batman all month long. Yet come that moment while we were waiting in line to checkout and he's obsession for vampires got the best of him and he changed his mind. We headed for dinner and then we went home to get all dressed up.

They both loved my outfit when they saw it and honestly I could not have been more proud. I did such a great job!!! I couldn't wait to have people see me. No really I couldn't wait. So you know exactly what I did. I took a picture before heading to the first party (we ended up with another invite) and posted it on Instagram. This was my outfit.


My boys were vampires. Daddy was influenced by son.

I originally wanted us all to be skeletons but I didn't have time to finish hubby's outfit. Then we tried to spray paint over the first coat of pain and well yeah that didn't work. The clothes were too wet to be worn. I think it was due to the first cost of fabric paint and due to the shirt being a thermo which absorbed a lot of paint and took forever to dry. Hubby had no choice but to settle for a vampire cape and some face paint. Oops. Hence his last minute costume.

Here's the list of my supplies and how I did this wonderful creation.

You will need:
Fabric paint
Fabric round rush
Old clothes
Freezer paper
A template or hand draw design
Pencil scissors and/or exacto knife.

What you basically do is draw your design on the freezer paper. 
Cut out the design and attach it to your clothes
paint on the open space. 
Let it dry.

Really, is this simple. But if you're like me you'll want detailed instructions and you can find those here.

I had the hardest time with the baby skeleton. It just wasn't coming out right so after doing the head I free handed the body. It came out pretty nice if you ask me :)
halloween halloween halloween

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  1. This is cutest idea I've ever seen for a pregnant Halloween costume. How adorable!

    1. Thank you Felicia. I thought so too :)

  2. Every year for Halloween we get invited to a few parties. So we prepare early when it comes to our outfits. This Halloween however we didn't ... cskeleton.blogspot.com