Monday, October 28, 2013

52 WOBWAP: A Letter To The Newlyweds


Over the past year or so I've written posts that can go on to relate to a newlywed letter such as what this topic should be like. I encourage to look through them. So today's topic will be a short one. 

Marriage is hard. I'm sure you've heard that many times. But have you also heard that is totally worth it if done for the right reasons. What's better out there then to grow old with someone no other than your best friend. The person you confide in for everything. The person that can make a bad day go away just like that. A person that inspires you to be you. To be better. To want more. The person that even with time can still bring that butterfly feeling. 

I don't know about you but what I look forward to most in my marriage is the after. You know. After kids. After home buying. After getting to know each other. Like really getting to know each other. The after adapting. I'm assuming in the 40s. When we can look back and say "wow remember this" or "can you believe that". I look forward to seeing how much we grow in our marriage and as individuals. 

Marriage is work. You'll be a fool to believe that once you found love it will always be around. No, sorry lovey. You must work to maintain that love. So that it doesn't get bored or tired or just disappear. Because it can happen if you take it for granted. 

So the advice that I can give you from my short journey into this is to be honest with each other. To communicate. That's a big one. Communication is vital in a marriage. To never stop showing affection. Take every change you get to let your spouse know just how much you love them. How much you appreciate them. How happy you are that he chose you! Chose you battles wisely. Is it really worth it to fight about it? Will you even remember it later on? I know sometimes in our house, after an argument I can't even remember why I'm mad. Take time to cool down if the heat rises. If you don't hurtful things will be said and later you'll regret it. 

Most importantly remember you made a commitment. For better or worse. Till death do you part. Take pride in your vows and don't give up on the journey when times get rough. 

I'm by no means an expert on marriage. These are just the things that I've found works for us. And if it can help others I'm more then willing to share. 

Overall, have FUN! Make every moment count. And never ever forget how and why you are where you are today. Congratulations! 


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  1. Yes, work is involved, but marriage and love are certainly worth working for!