Monday, October 21, 2013

52 WOBWAP: My strength & weakness in my marriage


I think we can all agree in the simple fact that not all marriages are perfect. No? 

Some are definitely better then others but we all share our fair amount of strengths and weaknesses within our marriage. Generally we have an idea of what a marriage should be like, consist of, and so forth but like I've said before marriage is a journey not a destination. Is a journey where we grow wiser, mature more, become accustomed even more to the person we decided to grow old with, and even at times show our true colors. You know, the ones we hide in the dating stage. Come on you know you have them. I sure know I do. And that's nothing to be ashame of. 

I know I am not the easiest person to deal with. I'm Hispanic, Hello ;) 

Seriously though. I have my fair share of "not so appealing qualities" that I'm sure my husband does not like, but deals with. And vice versa. Regardless of it all, I signed up for this marriage gig and promised that it was going to be a forever and ever type thing. Through the ups and the down. The happy moments and arguments. I rejoice in the fact that my marriage is not perfect. Want to know why? Because it just shows me that that although we may seem like this perfectly happy couple that has it all together, we have our moments of frustrations and I know for a fact that we are not the one ones. Is just that some people know how to paint prettier pictures then others. And that's ok too because one thing I learned even before marriage is that marital issues happening at home should stay right there. At home. Behind close doors. No one needs to know about them because they don't usually last long. 

I would say one of my biggest weaknesses would be the insecurities I gained from past relationships. But my biggest strength has got to be my Faith. I believe that everything happens for a reason and my past is only making me a wiser person and better wife. I choose to learn from my past mistakes instead of letting it dictate my future. 

I learn and grow a little bit more with each passing day. And each day I thank God for blessing me with the husband I have and our two healthy boys. I pray so that I continue to be the wife and mother that he intended me to be. I keep my mind full of positivity. Most importantly, I don't let other marriages fool me and you shouldn't either. We only show and share what we want others to know. Not a little less or a little more. And mostly always we want to show the good and happy part of our marriages. And in my opinion, that's the way it should be. We married our spouse and our spouse only not our spouse and the community. 

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  1. My husband and I struggle with my insecurities (and his too) from past relationships. It is hard not to take them forward. Your sons are quite handsome!

    1. Thank you Hannabert! Yes, very true. I believe that our experiences with past relationships can affect our future ones. Whether it be for better or worse it's up to us to decide how it will affect us.

  2. The thing about marriage is that neither the husband nor the wife is perfect (more people ought to realize that at a younger age!) But it's a good thing we love each other even with our flaws and insecurities!