Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adrian 9 Months

Sweet Adrian. 

As I sit here with you on my lap trying to fed I realize that its been nine months since your birth already. How big you've gotten my boy. I am so proud to have made it this far with breastfeeding. As you reach up and rub the side of my cheek. Then pinch my lips while you stare into my eyes probably wondering if this time too I will push your tiny hands down and tell you "not nice AJ" I see no better time to write your nine month post. 

Adrián Adrián

My boy. You are growing into this amazing little boy. Full of energy and with your daddy's temperament. Wanting to explore everything and everyone you come in contact with. Screaming your little heart out. There's no doubt you love the sound of your voice. I am head over heels in love with you. Loving you infinity times infinity seems too short. I never thought it was possible to love more then one person this way. You and your brother mean the world to me. You two are my pride. My motivation. My reason for living. I can't ever imagine my life without neither of you in it. This love is different then the one I feel for your father. This is what a mothers love is. What it feels like. To care for you day in and day out without ever wondering when will it be over. To worry about you even after you're all grown up and with your own families. To think about you twenty four hours a day seven days a week. To wonder if you are ok when we are apart. To miss you with every single cell in my body. To love you endlessly with no ifs or buts. This is what I enjoy most about motherhood. 


We've had quite an exciting month again. You have finally started to crawl. The traditional way :) although you still like to do your army crawl. It gets you places faster I guess. You had your first trip out of the country and got to ride on an airplane for the first time. You also touched sand (and ate it) and went in the ocean. The Caribbean. More family got the chance to meet you and of course they loved you instantly. It's inevitable, what can I say. You're just that baby. I'm sure you won't remember them and they joked that next time they see you you'll probably be as big as your brother since we don't travel to visit them that often. 


You loved the ocean. I thought you would cry at the cold and salty water but it didn't cross my mind that we were in a tropical island so the water is not cold at all. You didn't like the taste of it yet you didn't let it ruin your fun. And fun did you have. Especially with the sand. My little sand eater. It would only take a blink for you to try and stuff your mouth with it. Kinda gross if you ask me but whatever.

You tried more "real" food this month too. I could have sworn you gained like 3+ pounds but when we got home your grandma and auntie said they found you skinnier. I honestly don't know if you did lose some weight but at your nine months check up you were 16 lbs 7oz and 27 inches long. Still small compare to others your age yet growing alongside the curve line since your birth. Doctor doesn't seem to be concern so I guess neither should I. 


You are such a peanut. You are still wearing 6-9 months old clothes. I mean the pants fit you small but the onesies fit you big. What's up with that? You're doing some things later then your brother did. Like crawling and teething. No teeth just yet however they will be here any day. I've noticed you have two lumps on the bottom gum, you drool like there's no tomorrow, and you are so uncomfortable. You bite anything that comes your way. My poor baby. Hopefully phase one will be over soon. 


My sweet AJ. You are such a happy and lovable baby. I'm so glad to have you as my son. I look forward to the months and years to come. To teach you and watch you grow. To see you and your brother play and even fight. But what I look forward most is to hear you first real words. To know your voice and what it'll sound like. You babble a lot and say a few common words like dadda mama nana baba papa titi (that's a hard one I think) but I'm not sure if you really know the meaning of them. Of course you know I'm mama and daddy is daddy but do you really now the connection between the words and us? Who knows I'm just glad you are so vocal.


Some other things you do is clap you hands, give high fives when said in Spanish (chocala), throw kisses and wave goodbye. You can also feed your self and have been drinking from a zippy cup since 5-6 months. You've been pulling yourself up since 7 months and now are starting to stand without support for a few seconds at a time. You move front and back on your walker. I'm sure there are many more things you can do and I don't remember right now. 

Our routine has been like out the window lately. With vacation here and working there I feel like we're never home. You've been sleeping in bed with daddy and me lately too. I think is time for a bigger bed. You still wake up once through the night but are sleeping long stretches. Normally 8 hours stretch at a time then to about 6-8a. I guess you're still living in PR schedule. You are taking 2 naps during the day anywhere between 1.5-3 hours at a time.

We are so excited to start planning your birthday. I can't believe that time is here already. Yet, at the same time I do. 

Happy 9 months baby boy. It's been a real treat having you around :) 

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  1. Oh my goodness Pam, he's so big now! Miss ya chicky :)