Monday, August 26, 2013

52 WOBWAP: My Goals For Motherhood


Writing these heart-felt post get harder and harder each time. I say this because it requires a lot of thinking from my part. Thinking about things that I might have not given much thought in the past with great detail. So as I sit here today, thinking of my goals in motherhood these things come to mind. 

Patience - I resently had a conversation with my son where I said "patience is a virtue". I honestly believe this and I am learning to have more and more patience with each passing day. This is something hard for me because I tend to "lose my cool" fairly quick but with children in your home this is something that must be worked on. For the sake of everyone in the home. 


Role Model - I want to be a role model for my kids. I want to teach them to never give up. That it's never too late. And that even when all things seem impossible they can always find a way. To be positive and push away negativity of any form and shape. To have compassion and to follow their dreams. 

Manners - I want to teach them good manners. Yea yea we all want that for our kids I know. But I remember being a little kid and my mother telling me certain ways I should and should not do/behave as and they have stuck ever since. I hope to do the same for my kids. To tech them  how to behave in public and how to behave in such way that they are happy with themselves even when in private. I want them to know the proper way a man should behave and how I man should treat women. 

Not to settle- I want to push them to the best of their abilities. I don't want them to settle for less when they deserve so much more. Most importantly I want them to know their worth. 

Make memories and live in the moment- I've mentioned this before but one of my biggest goal is to make amazing, happy memories. Memories of us as a family whether we are on an exciting vacation, a weekend at the beach, a day at a park, or a simple day at home. I want to capture those moments where years down the road they can look back at pictures or simply remember how much fun they had as kids and how happy we were. Even if they remember the bad stuff that would only serve them as a way to know that even when things are bad they can always pull through, just like we did. I want us to make the best of every situation and make every moment count. 


Listen and be understanding - I want to build a relationship with my children so that they know I will always be here for them. To listen, to support them, to encourage them. I don't want them to ever hesitate about coming to me with anything that they might be going through because they think I won't understand. I never had that type of relationship with my mother as a teenager and I don't want it to be like that with my kids because just like I did I don't want them to go through life feeling alone. 

Love and forgiveness - I want to teach them what true love really is. That true love does exists. I want them to see their parents and see nothing but love not only for each other but for our family too. I want them to know that forgiveness means everything. Without forgiveness they'll never know the true meaning of love and peace. 


Last but not least I want them to know that God is always first. I want them to grow up knowing the word of God and how much good it can do for their soul. I want them to have faith and believe in miracles. Of course that only they can make such decisions but is our job as parents to teach them to the best of our knowledge. 

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