Sunday, August 18, 2013

52 WOBWAP: If I could be anything in the world...

If there's anything that I would want to be in this world would be a combination of my mother and mother-in-law. Now this might sound a bit cliche because come on, I could choose to be anything and I choose them? Really?! 


Yes. Really. If I'm ever half as amazing as these two women I'll be one proud lady. Reason being because they are both such amazing women yet so different. Now, I admit that I not always felt this way about my mother. Our relationship in my teens wasn't the greatest but now, now I wouldn't know what to do without her. Flaws and all. She's a bit on the old fashioned side but has such patience. I wish I could have gotten that gene because I'm not as patient. She takes her time doing things but she does it with love and passion and it shows. She's on the timid side as well, that I did get from her but a worse version ;). 


As to my mother-in-law, I also admit that we've had our rough moments with each other. We had our own reasons for our behavior and thoughts. It has not been the greatest relationship but I sure hope we are way past it all. She an amazing woman with such great spirit. So caring, loving, a go-getter, people pleaser. Great cook. She has so many good qualities. I can go on forever. 

They are both unique in many ways and I'm happy to have them both in my life as role models. To learn from them and make those qualities part of my style and bring them to my family for years on end. As I was searching for pictures of them and of me with them I realize I hardly have any. :-/ shame on me, that needs to change asap.

So yes, if I could be anyone in the world it would be a combination of these two ladies. I feel lucky to have them in my life and be able to learn from them. I love you  both!

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