Wednesday, August 14, 2013

52 WOBWAP: If I were to win the lottery...

If I was to win the lottery, what wouldn't I do. 

For starters I'd pay off all our debts. Buy us a bigger house with some land and take a family vacation :) 

I'd rent a huge house in Hawaii and take my fellow knotties, husbands and all, so that we can spend some amazing time with each other. All of us together in one place. No phones, no FaceTime, no Facebook. 

I'd donate money to my top two favorite charities. 

I'd set up college and savings accounts for both of my kids. 

Of course that I'd save as much as I can for retirement 

I'd make sure my mom is well taken care off. 

I'd probably get pregnant with our third child and/or adopt a baby. 

Most importantly, I'd take time off from work to be there for my boys and go on as many adventures as possible without a single worry about money. I would want to teach them about life and other cultures so that they may have an open mind to everyone they meet and everything they see. 

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