Thursday, August 22, 2013

TBT: Ohana means Family

I've been wanting to join this link up for quite sometime now but I never knew how to start it. I mean there are endless of tbt I can talk about. My mind goes wild from the ideas but when I go to write I get nothing.

Then today, as I looked through an album I made for myself of the pictures I had from way back when the pictures made me giggle. Not only that but I was taken to the exact days those pictures were taken. My childhood may have not of been perfect but I had my family and that's what really matter. We celebrated holidays just us. Birthdays just us. Park trips and play dates... us. And honestly I don't regret it or wish I had it different. The pictures speak for themselves. You can't fake a happy moment on time. 

From siblings that can't take a picture without making faces 


To embarrassing pictures in Jammies 

To a simple Sega game of Sonic 

Ohana means family and I wouldn't trade mine for a million bucks. Or would I now? Jk. I love these people more then life itself just like I love the little family I have of my own now. I'm going to make sure I capture those moments in time when a simple night of board game will ten years from now be a Throwback Thursday Pic ;)

Thank you mother for giving birth to us. We might not be perfect but perfect is not always happiness.

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  1. I love these throwback pictures of you and your siblings!

    1. Thanks Susannah! They sure brought back some good ol' memories :)