Saturday, September 7, 2013

52 WOBWAP: What being a mother looks like

To me, being a mother are many things. Things that some may not even think can be possible. As teenagers and as we're growing we become these selfish people. Everything is about us and we only have to worry about ourselves. We work mainly to keep up with the trend. We want to look our best when we go out with our friends. Manis and Pedis on a regular. And let me not get started on our hair. In my case it was weekly visits to the hair salon. We live such a lifestyle that we can never imagine fitting a little bundle of joy in our oh so wonderful life. 

Then we become parents. And as a mother myself I can testify that that person we once were is no more. Now don't get me wrong. With time we learn to manage our time and work together with that little bundle to have that fabulous life back. Sorta. Key word there "with time". 

Motherhood is: 
-Putting your kids needs before your own. 
-running late often. 
-skipping doing your hair before leaving the house. 
-being the first to wake up and the last to go to bed. 
-feeling exhausted after a long day to just start over again the next. 
-we spend the rest of our life watching our heart living outside our bodies. 

Now, you might be thinking "is this girl trying to scare the newly pregnant ladies out there?" Because that's what it sounds like. But hear me out a minute. All those things are inevitable once your a newlymother. And like I mentioned before, with time you learn to manage these things and become an expert at working them into your routine. 

And now for the perks of motherhood: 
-nothing brightens your day better then that sweet face staring at you in the morning wanting breakfast. 
- we have and get magical kisses. 
-our kids think of us as a superhero. 
-we become the most important person in someone else's life. 
-we have a motivator. We want to do our best for our kids. Nothing seems impossible. 
-our heart sing after hearing soft gentle voices call us mommy. 
-we become furious beasts with hulk-like strength when it comes to defending our kids. 

Motherhood is the most precious gift on this earth. Mother is only and always number 1! I'd take walking in late to an appointment with my hair undone and clothes smelling like vomit any day to experience the joy of being a mother. 

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