Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Ramblings of 2015

I declare 2015 to be a year of victory for me as an individual and to us as a family. Up until this morning I had no desire to set up "resolutions" for the year. Then during church service I started to think of all the things I could change and become victorious over throughout the year. They might be simple and will probably affect me rather than anyone else but that's point right? 

A new year to me signifies a new chapter, sort of like a new beginning. Like with each day the past is the past and each morning you get a new opportunity to be better and do better. The difference is that with the new year it truly does feel like a fresh start. 

I guess giving yourself goals to complete over the course of the year then looking back 12 months later and seeing the improvements does feel good. Year after year I set new goals and year after year I fail at them. I simply stop trying. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of the service I wanted nothing more than to grab my handy dandy notebook and jot down some ideas. Of course that I didn't. I decided to wait till I got home to really sit down and focus on what I expected to achieve in 2015. Ten hours later and here I am just blogging about it because although I made a trip to Target specifically to buy a new handy dandy notebook (new year new notebook right ;)) to start the year off right I didn't even get to write the date on the first page. 

I can't help but to laugh because one of my goals is to be more organize and keep up with house chores. As we drove home I thought to myself that when we arrived we were going to sit on the couch to watch movies. Then I would fix lunch, prep clothes for the week, and put the kids to bed early so that mommy and daddy can spend some quality time and go to bed at the sane time. Then we get home. The boys sit on the couch to watch movies and I said that I'll be right back I was going to use the restroom. Next thing I know I start to organize my room, AJs room, Pollo's room (dusting and all), wash laundry, vacuum, clean the bathroom, take out the trash, fold clothes, put them away, etc etc and before I know it is supper time. We order Chinese and eat and once again I find myself organizing more rooms etc. It was such a long day, I need a massage. But you know what, I got sooo much done! I kept my phone away because I get easily distracted when I get a message or IG notification and it helped. I'm so proud of myself. This post is certainly my ramblings but you don't understand. Most days I have such a high doze of laziness going on that I would spend all day doing pretty much nothing. So for today to be so productive makes me feel like I can conquer the world! Hahaha ok maybe not all that but close. 

Back to my goals. So I finally got the chance to sit and write. And here's what I expect to include in my life for 2015. 

Be on time
Be more positive 
Rebuke any negative thoughts/ideas
Multitask and succeed at it
Be more organize 
Use checklist after checklist
Be more compassionate/understanding
See the good in all things even in the worse of the worse 

These things are all for me, to make me better. When December comes around I want to look back at this year and actually see a difference in myself. I don't want to have wasted another year, I want to make this year count, I want to have tried my best at everything. There are a lot of things going on right now and in the coming months which makes me fearful yet excited all the the same time. Is time to change my attitude and give it my all. 

Hello 2015, I've been expecting you. 


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