Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adrián at 24 Months


My sweet Adrian. I cannot believe that you're two already. It feels like you've always been here while at the same time like it was just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. You are such a happy and laid back boy, and still a boy at the at last. I'm proud to say that whenever we have someone watch you they only have good things to say about you. Of course that that is not always the case. Sometimes you become stuck on your ways and everything is "yours" which is common at this age. Other than that you're a dream to watch.

You were such as good eater but ever since the summer you've gotten very picky. Your favorite things for breakfast include cereal and pancakes. You love yourself a grill cheese sandwich and a yogurt for lunch. You're not opposed to pp&j sandwiches either. Mac & cheese and soups are in your top five for sure. You're definitely not a meat eater. Unless is cut up very tiny and hidden in your food you will not eat it except on occasions when you ask for more and then I take full advantage of the moment. Now wings you will eat. It's been on various occasions that if we are having wings for dinner you want your own to eat it yourself.  Rice and beans are a must for your diet. You could eat it all day everyday. If I make it today and I know you won't eat tomorrow's dinner I'll take out a plate for you to have the next day.


You're no longer being watched by your grandmother (my mom) and that makes me a little sad because I knew with her you ate a little of everything. She was always making all sorts of vegetable for lunch and you would eat it too. You even ate eggs with her but have never eaten it for me or your daddy. You napped regularly with her for up to three hours. Which you still do for me and your uncle who watched you for several months. Just last week you started daycare. It wasn't our first choice but we've stalled long enough. It's time for you to make new friends and have a daily curriculum appropriate for your age that nor your grandmother or uncle could provide for you. I know we're doing the right thing although is hard to even think about it. Let's just say that it was harder for me than it was for you. I could even say that I was the one dealing with separation anxiety.


You love bath time. I try to wash your little body right away to allow some play time after. You love to lay on your stomach and pretend play with your cars or your brother's toys. 

I think we're on the last round of teething (fingers crossed). You've been very uncomfortable lately and only wanting me. You've always been a mamas boy but more so lately and everything is tears. It had been a while since your first molars erupted that it never crossed my mind, again, that that could be the issue now. I simply thought you were entering the terrible twos and wanted attention. I felt so bad when I put my fingers in your mouth to see if I felt anything coming out (crazy me I know) lucky you didn't bite me and we solved the mystery. Now I can try to comfort you appropriately. I don't dare check for the other side to see how many are erupting because I know I won't be as lucky. Hopefully you open wide for me sometime soon.


We're still using disposables, we never went back to cloth diapers per your daddy's request. I miss them but then I see how easy it is to just wipe and throw that I easily forget all about the cloths. I'll be officially putting them away soon since you'll be entering the potty training department in the coming months. I do plan to use them again though for any potential siblings in the future, we'll see. 

You've been talking so much lately. I don't know snow many words are in your vocabulary but its quite the number. You can pretty much ask for what you want when you want it. Some mornings I shower you before breakfast and soon after you say "mama I want cereal" some days you add the "peas-please" at the end. Is the cutest thing ever. Everyday you seize to surprise me with how well you can put sentences together. You can put anywhere between 3-6 words together which is making life so much easier around here when we are trying to figure out what it is that you want. We get a lot of compliments from friends/family and even strangers when they notice how well you can communicate. Especially when they would ask your age and we would say anything under 24 months. I won't lie, I feel very proud. Did I mentioned that you are a character? Oh yes, you are. I can't get enough of you, none of us can you are just too much.



You had your first dentist appointment a few months back and it was a success and you first haircut. Well "shape-up" that is. Your uncle gave it to you and you were such a big boy and didn't fuzzed at all. I'm sure it was the lollipop bribe and once you figured out that if you stayed still you got another one we were on to you. Funny though, only took three mini ones. You love to read. Your favorite book right now is "Just Me and My Mom". You pick it up to read it every time we're in your room. I love how you pick up a book and start naming things in it. From cars to animals to people. Your obsession for balls and cars still continues. Your brother's toys are also on your favorite list. It amazes me to see how well you can play with them. I don't want to jinx it but the past week you've been putting yourself to sleep and sleeping all night. Even for naps all I have to do is put you in your crib, say is nap time, give you sleeping Elmo and a book and withing 10 minutes you are out. Why did it took me so long to get this down packed I have no clue. Gone are the days of rocking you to sleep, I miss them already.

Some things you can do include counting from 1-14 in English and Spanish. Identify animals and some of their sounds. You can name pretty much all your body part from head to toes including some in Spanish. You love to sing your songs. Anywhere from ABCs to Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle and Head/Shoulders to name a few. The list is pretty long. You love Mickey Mouse Club House And Sesame Street, Elmo is your favorite. You currently own 3 different Elmo, 2 Mickey, and got the Mickey mouse bed set for Christmas. You love that blanket! You go to sleep on your own as long as you have that with you. The next few months we'll be working on identifying numbers, letters, and colors.


Your brother is you best friend. Even when you fight the bond you too have created is priceless. He defends you, you defend him and then you fight. But then it all goes back to normal.

Sweet baby, I am so happy you are a part of our family. You make everything so perfect and complete. You are so loving, always giving hugs and kisses, wanting to cuddle, and just being the best that you can be. We are all proud to call you our son and brother. The last two years have passed by way too fast, I sure hope this next year goes at a slower pace. 
We love you AJ!


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