Friday, January 16, 2015



Bittersweet. That simple word sums up my day as I said goodbye to amazing people who I will forever cherish for being part of my life and who will have their own chapter in the book of my life. A year ago I embarked on an adventure not knowing where it would lead me and I certainly did not expect it to end so soon. I learned so much from each and everyone of them. They taught me, I taught them, and together we made each other better. Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way but regardless, the role these girls have played in my life will never be forgotten. From Olaf to Marcia they are all special in their own way. Of course that these are only a handful of the people who I will cherish. Every single person in that office showed me kindness and I will never forget them.

Marcia: you took me under your wings from the very beginning. Teaching me my new role, pointing out the mistakes, having my back, bringing me lunch (and many times even dinner), massaging my shoulders, and offering a sincere friendship and advice. Your roughness makes you unique and deep down you have an amazing gentle heart. I wish you and your family all the blessings life has to offer you. 

Linda: oh Linda. "But you're not listening to me. Just listen to me Linda". Lol you are the life of that office. We clicked instantly from the very beginning. You have no filter but mean no harm. Always so giving, friendly, and chirpy. That office would not be the same without you. Thanks for the many times you brought me coffee in the mornings and bought me pizza for lunch. For joining me on my summer walks with your milkshakes or apple pies as I tried to live a healthier life.

Michele w/1 L: what will it beeee.... Baby #3! I'm so excited for that gender reveal. You have a heart of gold and have no problem speaking your mind. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their momma. As the "newbies" in the office we stuck together in everything. Thanks for putting up with all my craziness at the end of the day. I know the end of your day will never be the same but you will be ok, as long as you remember not to walk out with Linda. 

Waldo: "Where Is Waldo?" You and I had our moments but I have to admit that being cucu for coco pebbles and after waldo-ing it around you're a funny girl. I will miss our talks and your wild stories. I seriously wish you the best life has to offer you. 

Olaf: you are seriously the sweetest person I've ever meet. In the full year I was around you not once did I ever see you mad or in a bad mood. You are just so down to earth with everything and so chill. Every morning as I walked down that hallway I anticipated my turn because even if I had walked in feeling down or upset your positive vibe had an instant affect on me. Your sweetness is so contagious, don't ever lose it. I know it helped me make it through the day each time. 

Mama Goose: you are so wise. At first I seriously thought you hated me. Maybe because Marcia would baby me or because I was always walking through that door after 830a, I couldn't put my finger on it but the more I got to know you the more I enjoyed being around you. Your experiences makes you unique and you have a lot to offer. It wasn't till recently that I came to realize that you're like the Mother of the clerical staff. Thanks for being you. Also, cut Waldo some slack sometimes. 

Michie: always so quiet and reserved. I could never tell whether you were in a good mood or not. It seriously took over six months to break through your shell and feel comfortable around you (and I thought my shell was hard lol). It was always a pleasure talking with you and hearing how similar are wannabe teenagers are. You're doing a great job mama, take care of yourself. 

All these girls have taught me something that I plan to make part of my daily life. I will miss them all dearly and wish them all nothing but the very best. 

And with this post I turn the page to what has been an interesting and short chapter in my life. Who knows, maybe this was an intro to a future chapter but for now the page must be turned and a new chapter must begin. 

The unknown, the unpredictable, the ups and down, the drama, the somewhat expected, the new faces and personalities, and the starting over. It's all giving me anxiety but I'm ready. Or so I hope to be. Next week begins a new adventure, I'm excited to see how long it'll last and where it'll take me. 


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