Monday, January 12, 2015

AJ Goes To Daycare

Not in a all my years as a mother did I ever foresee my kids ever attending daycare. Ok yes they were watched by someone other than their parents during work hours but to be fair the persons doing the watching were grandparents, uncles, and godmother. Steven Jr never attended daycare as a baby. He was watched by my mom in his first year of life and then by dad after dad was unemployed after getting hurt. Then he started preschool and that was that. Came AJ it all seemed going well as before with him being watched by my mom for the last two years. Unfortunately things didn't worked out as we expected and we came to the drastic decision to look for a daycare.

imageSurprisingly the search wasn't all that bad. The hospital I work for offers daycare services for their employees and after doing a little research, checking out the place, meeting the director and teachers, and getting great reviews from current parents (who also happen to be doctors at my current office as well as my director) we were sold. More so my husband because as he says 'if the doctors feel comfortable taking their kids there then that says a lot about the place no?" Well I guess he was right. After many back and forth the day finally arrived when AJ became part of that club and that day was today. I've been mentally prepping myself and had great support from people who made our decision and transition a good one. So thanks.

This morning was THE day. 

We wake up super early. Is like he knew what was going on. We get dress, pack the car and head out on our way. We drop off Steven at grandmas due to the two hour delay for the school district and AJ and I continue on to the daycare. As we get near I look back and notice AJ sleeping. I say to myself "oh no. I hope he wakes up when we arrive". Well guess what? He didn't. I tried all the tricks possible from the moment I took off his seat belt till we made it to the classroom. My kid was comatose. His head teacher asked me if I wanted to lay him down and call in an hour to check up on him. But I didn't want his first day to go like that. I wanted him to be aware of what was happening. No matter how I try to wake him he just wouldn't wake up. I had no choice. I had to leave him there. Sleeping. Without a clue on how he'd react once he woke up and noticed mommy was gone and he was no longer in a car. My poor kid. And so I laid him down and walked away. Hardest thing I ever had to do. 

An hour later I called to check on him and it was reported to me that he was still sleeping. The teachers were very nice about it. They gave me the option of having them wake him up so that he may join the other kids for breakfast or let him sleep a little longer and save his breakfast. Knowing my child I said to just let him sleep if it was ok with them. Especially since they didn't seem concerned about him not napping at nap time. And so he slept. 

A little after 11am I was getting ready to call again for an update and as I randomly and briefly checked my email I noticed an email from the daycare director stating all was well. 

My whole attitude changed. I was so happy that he was happy and things were going well. 

Fast forward to 3pm. I called once more for another update. Yes I'm that mom. I was glad to hear that my child was having a pretty good first day. The teacher who answered, Amanda (there are 3 in total), gave me a great report. She said that he woke up around 10am and had played, danced, sat quietly during story time, ate all his breakfast and a little of his lunch. I asked if he had cried at all and she said only briefly at nap time because he didn't want to nap. She said she gave him a book to look at quietly at his mat and that a few minutes later he was sleeping again. He slept until a little after 3pm since 11am (Go AJ!) and was now having a snack. I had to ask "are you sure you're talking about AJ?" She laughed and said "yeah, I'm sure". We laughed. I was pleased and that was that. Only a few more hours till pick up time. 

The next couple of hours seemed to be taking forever. Finally at 5:10pm I was on my way to the daycare only 5 minutes away. I parked and walk on over to the door. I enter and walk straight down the hallway leading to the room where he's at. I spot him right away. The teacher is carrying him. He looks out the window on the center of the door but doesn't really notice me. Until I get closer that is. And then he does. He realized that is me. I open the door and within seconds I'm greeted by a "Mommy. Mama." Then a loud scream. She puts him down and he runs to me screaming mama. He hugs my legs so tight and looks up at me. Then he turns his head to his teacher and says "it's my mama". All through this I feel overfilled with love. Enough to have my eyes tear up and possibly even shed a tear. Or two. #truestory. His facial expression and his excitement to see me was the greatest joy ever. Is the reason I live for him and his brother. I haven't felt like this in a while. I mean yes he loves me. And says it often. But to actually witness how much he missed me and was so happy to see me was priceless. 

I carried him and hugged him and kissed him and hugged him some more. Then I got him ready, got his daily report sheet and out we went. As we approached the car he says "mama is your vroom! (car)" (which makes me think, what could have had possibly been on his mind when he woke up? Was his last memory him being in the car with me? How did he feel inside when he realized I was gone? What were his thoughts? emotions? It's all a mystery) The entire ride home he talked and talked. I had no idea what he was trying to say but I can guarantee he was telling me all about his day. He asked for daddy and pollo and cookies, he wanted cookies. Then said "we go house". Yes baby we go house was all I could managed still with a smile from ear to ear. He kept "singing" but I couldn't make out the songs. We had a nice ride home. Just my baby and I after such an eventful day for us both. 

Once we arrived home my husband opens the door and got greeted by a big "it's daddy!" I've never seen AJ so happy to see his parents and brother before. I don't know but I have a feeling this whole daycare experience might not be so bad after all. I look forward to the weeks ahead.


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