Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Day In The Life ~ Winter 2015

A day in the life part three.  

It's funny because the day before I saw the post in Laura navigating the mothership's blog about a day in the life heads up I had already started documenting one. I've been wanting to do one for a couple of years now and just wasn't sure when to do it or how specific I needed to be up for it. I got really excited when I saw that she was going to be doing one and was going to be sharing the links to the bloggers that were participating. Unfortunately I did mine on the 16th and she had requested for it to be any day between the 17th and the 1st of February. I figured, "oh well, I'm pretty sure I'll have some more eventful days to come within the next couple of weeks, I'll find another day to do this on" and so I let it go. Then came that Wednesday which I thought would be interesting document being that it was the first day of my new employment and I had school "it just might work" I said to myself -which it didn't. It wasn't the greatest day to document, I was at work all day which was overwhelming and definitely not what I expected. Then I had school 6-9p and I didn't get to see my kids or my husband till very late. Although that is a day in the life week after week I didn't want to remember a hectic day like that, I want to remember a day where I get to spend it with my family. And so when I woke up this morning and went on with my regular routine and I quickly realized "I might not have training or have to work today this could totally be "an unexpected day in the life" post. A few hours into the morning I decided to do a day in the life. What better day than a snow day right? Here we go.

Monday January 26, 2015
Steven: 28 years old 
Pamela: 27 years old
Steven Jr: 8.5 years old
Adrian: 2 years old exactly 

4am: hubby's alarm goes off. Knowing that there was a snow storm expected to come our way the husband calls his truck driver friends to get an update on the roads. A few of them had stayed home and the one who decided to go to work was heading back home. Hubby decides to stay in and check again a little later. 

5am: my alarm goes off. I grab my phone to check for school delays -The community college in the area is in partnership with the hospital to give the lectures for this training therefore if the school is close the training for the day gets cancelled. No delays. I wait till 530a and text a coworker who happens to be in training with me. Shortly after a message from the school gets sent "all campus closed till 12pm". Yayyy! We continue to text and agree to wait till 7a to call our director and inform her. I go back to bed. 

6am: hubby wakes up. I'm thinking he's just using the restroom but when he returns he looks out the window and says that he's going in to work. I panic. "What do you mean? I thought you were not going in? that's why I stayed in bed." He states that the roads are clear and he wants to get some kind of work done now before it gets worse. He offers to take Steven to his mother's that way I only have to worry about AJ. Fair enough. I go back to bed and add another alarm for 7am. 

6-7a: I wake up periodically to check for weather updates on the news playing on the TV. That was no fun, I should have just gotten up at 6a. 

7a: I toss and turn debating what to do. There's no training til noon. Should I take AJ to daycare? Or just sleep in? I do have actual school work to do too since I fell asleep doing it last night. I should really get up to work on that. I never get to sleep in anymore, I should take advantage now. But I really should take AJ to daycare, I'm paying either way might as well take him and if I don't take him now I'll have to do it later if the school open up. Ugh decisions decisions. I finally grab my phone and call my director to inform her of the delay. AJ is in bed with me and is waking up. "Good. This is good. If he wakes up I'll get us ready to go". He wakes up. That's that then. Up we go to shower. 

730a: we get ready and I call the daycare to check that they are in fact opened and let them know AJ will be coming. We walk downstairs and I turn on my keurig. I walk outside to clean and turn on the car. I come back in and finish making my cup of coffee. So good! I pack lunch and give AJ a breakfast bar and pour milk in his sippy cup for him to drink in the car. 

805a: we walk out the door but we don't make it out on time before the alarm goes off. I miss Steven, even though he drives me crazy in the mornings he sure is a great help. Back in I go to reset the alarm. 

810a: we're in the car and away we go. The roads are not bad at all. 

825a: we get to the daycare. AJ gets excited to be there but once we're in he holds me tight and tells me to hold him. I distract him while switching his snow boots for regular shoes and chat with his teachers about snow days etc. One of the teachers gets AJ's favorite car to try to get him to go with her. It doesn't work. She has to carry him so that I can leave. I hate to leave him crying. He's still not used to the daycare thing. He'll be ok, I'm sure. I have to repeat this several times to myself to feel better about leaving him. 

840a: I walk out to my car and debate on where to go. I talk to the hubby and we've agreed that he'll pick up the boys. I decide to drive to the library and wait for an update on school closings. 

850a- I arrive at the library despite my efforts to drive as slow as possible since it does not open until 9a. There are only a few cars in the parking lot. I wonder if they'll be open today? I sit around and wait while I browse through bloglovin'. I see Julia's DiTL and it reminds me that I have yet to do mine. And that's when I decide to do mine today. 

9:05a: cars start to pull in to the parking lot. Good. They're open. I grab my things and get out of the car. I take my first picture of the day. 


915a: I find a table toward the back wall. I sit and take out my books. I decide to read Julia's DiTL before doing school work and only make it till her 4pm. It's now 930a and I should really get to studying in case I have to go in to class/training at noon. 

930-1130a: I read and read some more. This is the hardest part to do at home because there's never true quietness with the boys around. In between all this I get a call back from my director saying she got my message and that if the school closes I should stay home for the day. Great! I then get a message from the school saying the campus are closed for today. Awesome! I decide to finish the chapter then go home. 

1130a: I head out. Is snowing a lot harder now. But not thick. Is more of a wet snow. I take the easiest way home, down Hamilton and a left on Front. 



12-2pm: I'm home. I get to cleaning. This house is a mess. As I'm about to put a load of laundry, wash dishes, I remember I have yet to eat breakfast. I look in the fridge and decide for avocado hummus on a toasted pita bread. I put the bread to toast and when I open the hummus I see that it's expired crap, I need to think fast because my bread is almost done. I see peanut butter, ok some jelly would go with with that. I make myself a PBJ pita sandwich, never had it before, it was different but eatable. I take out chicken and pour lemon juice over it. Fold three loads of laundry from the night before, sweep and mop the kitchen. Season the chicken, I've never seasoned a whole chicken before, it looks good. In the oven it goes. As I fold the third load I get a call from my mom and she needs a ride. She got back from DR on saturday and her car is no Bueno. I really don't want to go back out. Plus I'm still a bit upset at her leaving almost two months ago. I decide to go get her anyways, this too shall pass. 


2pm: I take a selfie. I haven't taken much pictures as it is. I'm about to walk out and realized I didn't put the alarm on. Back inside I go. Now I can leave. The neighbor is shoveling, looks like he's doing our side too. That's nice, he hasn't done that before. We say hello, I get in the car and drive away. 


220pm: I arrive at my mothers. It's seriously taking me twice as long to get places today. She comes outside with a few bags. When she gets in the car she starts to show me what she brought us from DR. Undies, candy, liquor. My aunt is also in the states from DR and she brought all the young boys blazers. She shows me, they're so cute!!! I love them. To bad I'm driving. I would have snapped a few pictures. We drive around running errands. 

254pm: I call the hubby to check where he's at. At the gym of course. I tell him that I can pick up AJ since I'm in that side of town. 

310pm: we arrive at the daycare and the kids are eating a snack. AJ sees me and gets so excited. He gets up from his little chair and runs to me. He hugs me and tells his friends "bye". This kid is too much. The teachers and I talk a bit about tomorrow's plans due to the weather. I also get AJ's first piece of art today, how sweet. My baby :)



320pm: we leave. AJ sees my mom for the first time in almost two months. He's a little confuse and doesn't really show interest in her. She carries him for a little and then I out him on his car seat. He then realizes who that is and says "that's the mama" yes baby that's mama. He gets excited and my mom gets excited. I go around the car and get in, we pull away. 

340pm: I drop off my mom and AJ and I head home. The scenery is beautiful but the roads are gross, very mushy and slippery. I have to take a pic. Although not the greatest. We sing songs as we drive home. I try to use this time to go over animals sound. I get super excited when AJ recognizes the sound of a hourse. I didn't know he knew that one! My face is priceless and AJ is looking at me like I went crazy. He then laughs. We continue to sing after his request, "sing mama, sing. 


4-5pm: we're home. I start to prep the rest of the dinner. Shortly after the hubby walks in with Steven. Steven is in a good mood. He was at his grandmother's all day with his uncle, I'm sure that's the reason for his good mood. He heads over to the stove and says "yes. Dinner. I didn't eat anything for dinner mom. Only for a breakfast and lunch. Is dinner done yet?". This child of mine is always hungry. He needs three meals a day and snacks in between not counting dessert. In the mean time AJ wants to play. He's been getting into the habit of pretend biting, he come up to you and pretends he's bitting you then he laughs and does it again. He finds it even more hilarious when I say "hey, what are you doing? That's not funny, it hurts." And is back and forth until one of us gets tired of it (most time that's me). It doesn't hurt obviously but when you're trying to get things done and after repeating the sane phrase over and over again well it does get tiring. So then he decides he wants to help me cook and reaches for the cooking spoon by standing on his toes. Good thing I was using the back burners. I carry him for a bit and he notices the candy bowl and asks for candy I try to distract him and when I put him down he happened to notice the candy my mom gave me and he was quick to grab one. I didn't even noticed. I took a few licks and gave it back, I guess he didn't like it?



I then send him to the living room while I finish cooking and within minutes I hear laughter. I don't know what's going on but AJ is just laughing like he had just witness the funniest thing ever. I also hear stomping and running. When I look over I see AJ standing while Steven is pretending to run toward the wall and bumps into it. That explains all the laughing. I wonder what it is about someone getting hurt that little kids find so amusing? I remember AJ being smaller and being upset and to distract him all Steven and anyone else had to do was pretend to get hurt and he would be all good afterward. 

I had to include a picture of King. He's always on his bed sleeping and only gets up for eating and going outside. He's the easiest dog ever to have at home, besides his health issues.


5pm: dinner is serve! We're having baked chicken, black means mix with rice (we call that a Moro), tostones (fried plantains), and mayo/ketchup sauce which is a sauce we make to eat with the plantains.Eating dinner att his time is very unusual. Most days we don't eat dinner till 7pm or a little later. Not that I'm complain though, is always nice to be done with dinner and cleaning the kitchen before 8pm. Most time I'm in the kitchen till 10p cleaning dinner dishes and packing lunch for the next day. Tomorrow's lunch was easy, leftovers! 

615pm: kitchen is cleaned and the hubby and Steven are watching a movie. I sit with them, very unlikely as well since most time I'm busy doing other things. I'm not too into the movie their watching. Is a scary one. I don't do scary movies, these two however. That's a different story. AJ has played a bit with the iPad and is now playing with Goofy and Mickey. He says that they are going night night and lays them next to me. The towels I folded earlier are still on the couch and he tries taking it to cover Mickey and Goofy. I catch that real fast though and give him a small blanket to use. I then remember the blazers my aunt sent the boys and I take them out to have them try it on. Steven loves them! He's so excited and says "I look fresh". AJ in the other hand wants nothing to do with his and takes it off immediately after I pull away to take a picture. He goes back to playing with the iPad. We all sit on the couch again and AJ wants his shoes off, he tries to take them off himself and can't so he goes to Steven. Steven pretends that its too hard for him and they just laugh. I love to see these two make a game out of anything, their brotherly bond is the best, I love it! AJ ends up scratching Steven on his face and Steven is not happy. AJ goes to him and says he's sorry and gives him a kiss. They never stay mad for long.




730-830pm: I decide to write some more to this post while the movie finishes. Steven then gets one of his board games to play while the hubby looks for another movie to watch. We decide on Alexander and the terrible horrible day. Steven wants to play Chinese checkers. We start it off and it gets pretty boring real fast. I think we're playing it right but there's something just not right. He picks another game, trouble trouble. I've never played that one. Hubby teaches us and we do only one round because the movie is really funny. We decide to watch the movie instead. 



9pm: it's AJs bedtime. Is actually both of the boys bedtime but with this snow storm coming we let Steven finish the movie. I take AJ up to his room and get him ready for bed. I lay him in his crib with Mickey and Elmo and he "reads to them". I turn in the projector ceiling light set for 10 minutes and walk out. He doesn't make it long and within 15 minutes he's out for the night. He's been doing this routine for a little over two weeks now. So far it's been a success. He's self soothing and sleeping through the night between 9-11 hours, is awesome! When I come down I find those two plug on the iPad and phone waiting for me.Life is way too easy for males, don't you think?

10pm: movie is done. Steven wakes me and says "daddy said to move your car". I'm so confused. Apparently I fell asleep. I can't help it I felt so tired. I asked the hubby to please move the car for me and he does, so sweet. I stay laying on the couch about another 20 minutes then head upstairs. 

11pm: lights out. 


A day in the life of my married life. We have our routine days and unexpected things do come up from time to time. My bedtime varies  day by day and my mornings are almost always hectic. We're not too strict on going by the books, we take life as it comes. Some days we go over MILs and don't get home till after 8p which throws off the entire routine but at least I don't have to cook it clean the kitchen :) 



  1. I always love a good snow day, but I'm with you that the actual driving piece can be so miserable. Your boys are adorable!

    Thanks for sharing your day and know that in the future you can always submit a recent day in the life - no need to match my exact dates :)

  2. Brothers are the best, my brothers can entertain each other for hours on end! We do not have a car but our roads are all slushy like that too and I hate it since it always flicks up on your pants when we walk but I imagine it is better than driving in it!