Monday, September 2, 2013

52 WOBWAP: I said I'd never...

When we're young and child-less we can think of a hundred things we would never let our kids do or doourselves to our kids. Then you get pregnant, give birth, and become a mother and bam! All is forgotten. 

For whatever reason, these are the things I said I'd never do...

1. Co-Sleep - from all the horror stories to wanting to maintain our room just that "our room" I didn't want to get our kids used to sleeping with us. Then almost six years after having Steven jr we found ourselves still co-sleeping with this child. He's finally broken the habit and sleeps in his own room, most times, but now AJ has picked up the pieces and sleeps with us. We certainly don't mind it and many times I wake up to find all four of us in our Queen size bed but you know what? Those are the moments I treasure most :) 

2. Use technology to keep them entertained - guilty guilty guilty. I know television is not as educational as a book but it is so beneficial when I'm home alone trying to clean and cook. Or even shower. I do think however that I let Steven spend too much time either watching tv or on the iPad but I'm working on that. There'll be new and strict rules about this this school year in our home.  

3. Skip bedtime - this is a bit harder. I don't know if its my culture but many times we're never home for bedtime and thus both kids don't make it to bed well past it. I'm sure Steven jr doesn't mind it. AJ in the other hand gets so cranky as the time passes. If we're not home I try to get them ready for bed with baths etc wherever we are in case they fall asleep on the drive home that way we don't wake them to get them ready instead of just putting then in bed. Not being home is mostly the reason they never make it to bed by bedtime

4. Let my kids look bummy - letting Steven pick his own clothes even though they don't match is letting him be himself. Letting him learn to be independent. I've realized that that's not being a irresponsible parent. That's allowing them to create their own identity. Now that at times I have to put my foot down because boy does my son have no sense of fashion hahaha (he gets that from his momma hahaha) but he's learning. He's getting there. With AJ. Well that's another case. 

5. Compare my kids - whether is to each other or other kids. Not comparing is hard. And I don't mean comparing as in competition on who wearing what and such. I mean with educationaland developmental milestones. Like in AJ's case. I know a few babies born around the same time and some are more advance at certain things and at times I've found myself saying well AJ isn't doing that. Why isn't he? Why Is that baby so much bigger? Bla bla bla I don't worry about his development because I know all babies are different and do things at their own pace but as parents sometimes we just can't help it. Am I alone on this one?

Ooh parenthood. What a journey and a learning experience you've been. 

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  1. Just found you through Candidly Marie. Your kids are SO cute! I totally agree with the technology! I can't say I haven't played a youtube video or two on my phone to keep my baby happy in the car. :) Happy to be following along! -Andrea @Hand and the Heart

  2. Hi Andrea! And thank you! Thanks for stopping by :)