Monday, September 23, 2013

Steven's Moments

I meant to write this up right after it happened but I couldn't. I think I might of forgot to actually. 

That son of mine is really something I tell you. 

So last Thursday we are home waiting for daddy. My son is up in his room probably up to no good or doing something he's not suppose to be doing like watching TV or playing with his X-box. I ignore whatever it is that he's doing because you know, he's still a kid after all. And he's done with homework and has eaten dinner. So I let it slide. 

Finally daddy's home. He runs upstairs quick and this is what I hear for the living room. 

Steven Jr: Daddy. Now I really know the tooth fairy is not real. 

Daddy: what? Why would you think that?

Steven Jr: because I was in your room. And I was looking for my DS (and he goes off topic for about two minutes) and guess what I found? 

Daddy: what?

Steven Jr: This! (He shows daddy a little plastic container containing his fallen teeth as he waves his hand) 

Daddy: (walks away, down the stairs,  to hide his smile which is quickly turning into a laughter)

Me: gasp! I thought it had seen something on the TV (Crap. thinking of something quick to come up with before they get down)

Steven Jr: you see. The tooth fairy is not real. Now I know that you were the one that took my teeth and hid them and gave me money. (He gets real serious) why would you lie to me? I'm a big boy now. You can tell me the truth you know. 

They get down to the living room and hubby's face is priceless. Wish I would of had a camera in hand. We both look at each other and smile. 

Me: baby what's going on? (He tells me the story. I still got nothing) 

Daddy: Steven those are my teeth. My mom gave them to me the other day and I was saving them. 

Steven Jr: oh yea so why are the little like mine and are in the container my dentist gave me. 

Daddy: hello because I was a kid too once. And I used to go to the same dentist as a kid.

Steven Jr: no I don't believe you. Those are my teeth. I know. You lied. You both lied to me. (Walks back to his room) 

Daddy & Me: we are laughing our butts off

Where does this kid come up with this stuff lol. Needless to say that we sucked at keeping the tooth fairy real for our child. He hasn't brought up the subject again and neither have we. I guess we'll wait and see how it goes when the next tooth falls out. 

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  1. that one's easy! just say you told the tooth fairy you wanted to keep his baby teeth and the tooth fairy left them for you!

  2. Haha. That's just too funny!!! You have one smart kiddo. :-)