Monday, June 22, 2015

Mom-Son Summer Reading Challenge

I'm really excited about this! 


I always try to find ways to bond with my big guy. I don't want him feeling left out because his little brother requires so much attention still and at the same time I like to be as involved as possible in his education. Reading is something I like to do but find that "I never have the time for". Does reading blogs count as part of reading? I think it does, right? It is also something that I said I'd make sure my kids love to do. I've been collecting books for them for a very long time. Steven Jr has collected so many books over the last 8 years and I didn't realized how many he had read until back in the spring of 2014 when we separated his books in two piles. The "read" pile and the "need to read" pile. I was very impressed and of course proud of my big guy. He does listen when I say it's reading time. 

During the school year in our home we have a rule. He must read a book a day Monday-Friday. Then on the weekends if 5 books were read and his chores done every day he gets to play video games. My kid loves video games. He is his uncle's nephew x2.  However, no video games are allowed during the weekday. Fair enough right? Expect during vacation then we're a little more lenient. And even with that I've noticed he doesn't play as much as I thought he would once school would be done. 

Being that he's starting 4th grade this Fall, that the majority of his books are read, that he's into chapter books now and that I really want to get into finding time for reading and have a very long list of books to read we've agreed to do a summer reading challenge. 

Today we spent part of the early morning at the library checking out books and Steven checked out 11 books. He wants to read all of the magic tree house books and he likes the fudge books so that's were he started. He has three weeks tot read all 11 books, he says he can do it and I'm sure he can. I'm still debating if I should get my books on my nook or put my library card to good use. Do kids even know about public libraries these days? I lived there in my younger days. Mostly for the Internet though ;).

I'm excited to see how many books we get to read up on this summer :)

What are your must reads for this summer?
Any favorites you would recommend?


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