Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sick Baby

There's no such thing as "worrying" too much for you child's health or well being is there?

I honestly don't think so. You never really realize how much your parents love you, care about you, and worry about you until you become a parent yourself. Agree or disagree?

It breaks my heart every time my baby boy gets sick. And I mean really gets sick which is rare. He is the most active little boy I know. He's constantly running, jumping, talking, etc. you will always find him active doing anything and everything lol. Even when he gets a cold or small fever.

So when I see him laying in bed with sad puppy eyes I know it has to be something serious.

On Wednesday I didn't get much sleep. I was up by 3am, no lie. DH woke up after I returned from the restroom and we talked for about 2 hours or so. Eventually he fell back to sleep and I watched a movie. All day I did errands and baked (pictures to come soon). At 7pm I decided to take a 3 hour nap before going into work at 11pm. When I woke up from my nap I get the news that my baby has a fever of 103+. God bless my MIL's heart for letting me take my nap and taking care of him till I got up. It was decided that he was going to miss school the next day since I could already tell that he was not being himself.

I left to work worried about my baby boy and hoping that it was nothing. His daddy takes good care of him but I can't help to worry, especially when it comes to fevers after a scared we had with my younger sister.

I remember being in the 9th grade and my mom waking up in the middle of the night and calling the ambulance. I listened to her struggle trying to explain what's going on. She doesn't speak English. Eventually the ambulance arrived at our home and my mom left with my sister leaving us all very worried for her. She didn't tell us then and there what was going on so that we could stay focus in school come morning. Nope it didn't work. I was in the guidance office all morning crying because I didn't know what was going on. Finally we get a call from my mom saying that my sister is going to be ok. I couldn't wait to go home and hug her. She was like my own daughter lol. I took her everywhere with me, played with her, got her dressed, and so on and so forth.

You see. My sister had gone to bed the night before with a mild fever which only progressed as the hours passed eventually making her turn bluish-purple, literally, and having a seizure. Fevers are no joke and can be very dangerous if you don't keep them under control. And ever since that day I will never ignore a fever no matter how mild is it. Luckily my sister suffered no health issues or had any consequences after that event.

Thursday morning when I arrived home I was told that his fever was still elevated and had not gone down all night. He got up at around 6am and started vomiting. My guess, from the fever itself. Since it had been over 12 hours with a fever at 103+ I called his doctor and took him in for an appointment. (I had just arrived from work, had slept almost nothing the night before, was dead ass tired, and still stood awake to care for my sick baby. A parent's love for their child can overcome anything). They told us it was something viral and we had to let it run it's course and give him Tylenol to bring the fever down.

All day my baby and I cuddle and watched movies. But he barely ate anything so I know it was  serious. Worse part is that I'm not home to take care of him :( and that makes me feel so sad. When I left to school around 5pm his fever was still high. And that made me feel so guilty for having to go to school and then right to work. I just want 7am to come so that I can go see my baby and hug him and fill him with kisses. Hey, I have to take advantage now because before I realize it he will be too big for Mami's hugs and kisses lol.

Like the doctor said. Hopefully whatever it is goes away fast because I worry too much and I dislike seeing my munchkin sickie like that.

Good Night Y'all!

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